• April 18, 2013
  • Posted by Marc

Vinz Remixes Picasso: La Marca €spaña

The latest mural by Vinz titled, "La Marca €spaña / The €Spain Brand," is a reinterpretation of Picasso's famous "Guernica."  Both pieces represent an attack over Spanish society.  Vinz used his own characters and the values they represent to make a profound statement about Spain's current society: financial and political systems are growing and creating a desperate situation among Spanish citizens. On display at the Institut Français, Vinz created this mural to show that justice needs to be restored.

Learn more about his message through the breakdown of symbols below:

Bird-woman with baby: The hungry, misery of the citizens

Bull: Symbol of Spain, it's the effort to restore a country that sinks through cracks

Bird of Peace: A dismembered peace

Riot Police: This represents the continuing riots in the streets caused by the policies of public cuts

Arrow: Down direction, as the Spain demoralized

Bomb €uro: How the european economy has exploited in Spain

Battle Horse: The anger and rage of a country that does not let ride

Migration: Emigration of university graduated and Immigration of cheap labor

Evictions: The drama of thousand of people who loose their homes each day and some commit suicide

Hope: The main character, with a candle approaching to the €uro symbol

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