VINZ Feel Free Limited Edition Box Set

Vinz is a street artist from Spain whose ideas are grounded in our social, political and global environment. The "Vinz Feel Free" project has many philosophical layers from questioning our beliefs in freedom to criticizing the repressive and violent police presence around the world.  After his work sold out almost immediately in 2011 at the Jonathan Levine Gallery, we invited Vinz to collaborate with us on this book and Limited Edition Box Set. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.


Vinz Feel Free Limited Edition Box Set

Edition of 100 for $100 plus shipping 

  • 1 original hand-painted Vinz artwork
  • 1 limted edition hard-cover Vinz Feel Free book that is embossed, stamped and signed
  • Egg carton lined cardboard box  hand-stenciled, signed, stamped and editioned by Vinz
  • 4 limited edition postcards, wrapped in paper and with 1/100 individual phrases, hand-typed on typewriter
  • 1 Vinz Feel Free sticker
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Banded together with customer Vinz Feel Free police tape