• June 21, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

“Is there ONE painting, sticker,

“Is there ONE painting, sticker, stencil,
sculpture, or piece of architecture that truly inspires you in your daily


“Give ‘Em Props!”—Ed Templeton by

“Phew, this was much harder
than I first thought. I don’t really have one piece of art or anything that
inspires me, but an artist that have inspired me throughout the years (and I’m
talking everything here, not just my work in the streets), is definitely Ed
Templeton. His paintings are amazing, at first glance it often looks like
they’re sketches or something you might draw while talking on the phone but if
you just look a little closer you’ll see the brilliance. It’s pretty much the
same thing with his photographs, they’re not beautifully arranged studioshots or
anything, it’s just pictures of everyday life and that’s what makes it so great.
Everything about his work seem so true and honest and the anti-corporate semi-
political touches that often can be found in his work is definitely something
that appeals to me.”