November 17, 2004

The Five Tips From Kiko-Fish

1. It sounds kinda cheesey, but, believe in yourself! you aint gonna get shit done if you spend your whole time doubting yourself.

2. Talk to people, generally people can be pretty receptive, the more people you talk to, the more likely you are to get comissions, exhibitons, etc.

3. Always carry the following things on you: Sketchbook (theyre mad useful, just for sketchin people on the bus or whatever), a pencil/pen (helps the sketchbook idea work), a digital camera (theyre small, light, cheap(ish), easy, and theyre great for takin LOADS of photos with, no need to worry about developing costs) a posca ( everyone likes a good doodle every now an again), stickers (cant have too many up), your keys (gettin locked out is no fun kids).

4. Experiment. Youll never develop if you dont!

5. Go to Barcelona, its warm, cheap, beautiful, the people are great, and the street art is phenomenal.

6. Get your work up whenever, wherever possible. And not just in the usual "cool" areas. get the shitty areas which dont see stencils, pastes and stickers on a daily basis. the locals will appreciate it much more. (hopefully)

(Kiko-Fish's bathroom doors above were painted in cafe 1001 in London.)

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July 21, 2004

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June 10, 2004

The Gieibi's Five Tips

1) Everyone have to be don't brake the balls anyone.
2) Look for the other way too see common things.
3) Art have to be for everyone, not for ristrect elites.
4) I hope one day animal rights will be respected (but we're living in a world where human rights are violate every day)
5) Never go out without your stickers!

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June 8, 2004

1/ Visit Melbourne, it's a great city with a vibrant arts scene. It also has great food and great style within a laid back atmosphere. Well that's my bit for tourism.

2/ Be free and experiment. Always question how you can evolve, whether it be in life or art.

3/ Go for a long bike ride out of the city area, breathe in the fresh air and watch the trees sway in the breeze and the clouds make funny shapes. The concrete jungle can make you crazy.

4/ Eat lots of chocolate, the endorphin rush makes you melt.

5/ Never forget that PEOPLE come before money. So the next time you buy some major label clothes, give a thought to the sweat shop slave that made them for you. Better still boycott those companies.

Cheers ... /// PSALM ///

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June 7, 2004

Here are my five tips:

1) do it cleanly

2) do it simple and effective

3) do it in red black and white

4) do it bigger and more

5) do it for fun

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June 3, 2004

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June 2, 2004

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June 1, 2004

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May 30, 2004

1. Don't lie to JuJu.
2. Girls are god.
3. Don't believe the hype.
4. Go to the most rushest place, sit down and relax
5. Dress like a business man when you go for pasting.

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May 29, 2004

Buddy Lembek's 5 no particular order.

1. when bombing, dress like a nerd, try your best to not look like the person who would be doing, what your doing...know what i mean. (no hoodie, head phones, and back-pack)

2.No matter what you do, when, or where you do it, you are going to offend just go ahead and do it anyway.

3.Travel as much as you can.

4.Corny, but true, "You only live once", so try to follow your gut.

5. When at a fast food spot, always order a water, then just fill it with soda at the drink fountain.

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May 28, 2004

1. Nothing exists.

2. If anything exists, it is in comprehensible.

3. If anything exists, and is comprehensible, it is incommunicable.

4. Zen koan; A frog rises up with the same force with which it leaps in.

5. Drive a cartoon, chokes in the clutch.

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May 27, 2004


Turn off the TV
Wear a seat belt
Quit smoking
Sleep soundly
Use condoms
Exercise routinely
Take a daily aspirin
Get a checkup !!!


"On the first date, you just tell her a lot of lies, and try to get them interested enough to go for a second date."

"If you want to be loved by somebody who isn't already in your family, it doesn't hurt to be beautiful."

"Don't do things like have smelly sneakers.

"One way is to take the girl out to eat. Make sure it's something she likes to eat. French fries usually works for me."


Before you open your mouth, stop and think about how and what you will say. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Calmly. Never, ever raise your voice. If your partner thinks your voice is too loud, it is too loud. If you are too emotional to control yourself, see an MD for a medication evaluation. Inability to control emotions Give up drinking. Alcohol use is associated with anger and violence. Never, ever hit, punch, tap or push your partner or any object. Never, ever walk away from, walk ahead of, roll your eyes, yawn, breath hard, sigh, frown, or make any other unnecessary behavioral expressions of anger towards your partner.
Make eye contact when addressing your partner or replying to them. Acts of omission are no less angry than acts of commission. Your criticism is not "constructive." Do not make threats. Everything you think, do, like, dislike, wear, eat, etc., is your responsibility. Own it. Nobody makes you angry. You do that to yourself. That is why only you can stop it. Respect your partner's position when you disagree. Especially if you disagree. When your partner asks a question, answer the question. If you hurt your partner, apologize. (Apologize because something you did hurt their feelings, not because you did something "wrong.") Accept that.


Dealers make more money on used cars than new cars. Aggressive salesmen: Don't be pressured by lines like 'I've got several people interested in this car, so make a quick decision,"

Evaluating a car:

"Always examine a car in daylight, on a clear and sunny day

Make sure the mileage has not exceeded 15,000 miles per year, that the engine oil is reddish-brown, rather than black and that there is no frame damage underneath the car -- which best indicates whether the car has endured a major accident.

"There should be no broken windows or mismatched tires

Get a feel for how the brakes work because, if they are defective, repair is costly.

Test driving the car on different road conditions, "on hills, highways and in stop-and-go traffic."

The best insurance of not getting screwed."

Nelson shared a personal misfortune that occurred because he chose not to get a car professionally inspected.

"I was driving on the freeway and I looked back and saw my exhaust pipe in the middle of the road," he said. "Even though the engine was new, the frame of the car had 300,000 miles on it that I didn't know about because I didn't have the skills to inspect the car myself." He also warned that you should be aware that men can often obtain a lower price than women can.


Something that I use in my classroom is "give me 5." All I have to do is hold up one of my hands with palm facing out like a stop sign. The fingers represent ?1. Stop talking 2. Put their back against the chair 3. Place their feet on the floor 4. Put their hands in their lap/desk 5. Put eyes on the teacher. You don't have to say anything and the kids are immediately "fixing" themselves. If you teach this at the beginning of the year when you teach your standard procedures the kids will pick it up in no time.

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May 26, 2004

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May 25, 2004

5 Pearls of wisdom, learnt the hard way.

1. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

2. Nothing is sacred.

3. Just because it's on the street, doesn't mean it's art.

4. Tomorrow is the new yesterday.

5. Relax.

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May 24, 2004

These are the 5 tips that helped me a lot in my art, daily life and where I am now. I hope it do justice to anyone who believe in themselves as much as I do.

#1 Patience. Do not be easily despair when you failed or do not see the outcome in whatever you've done, even if it took your life. Focus and keep striving on it cause good things come to those who wait.

#2 What goes around comes around. This apply to anything in one's daily life. Be sincere and do not hope for returns. Somehow or another, you will be rewarded by different means. Believe it.

#3 Travel. The further you go, the wider your knowledge, the better you see things in life especially the minor details that you once overlooked.

#4 Explore and try new different things. Screw routine. Do something radical for at least once in your life. Something you never thought you could actually do. The sense of achievement is beyond imaginable.

#5 Passion. Do it for the sake of love. Sacrifice in what you believe in, the money comes later.

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May 23, 2004

Chris Silva/Mike Genovese Gallery Installation

1. Love life.
2. Dream.
3. Live life.
4. Realize your dream.
5. Live love and live lovely.

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May 22, 2004

1. Whenever you are pointing a finger at someone, there are four fingers pointing back at yourself.

4. If there are rats in the front room, roaches in the back or junkies in the alley with the baseball bat; try to get away and get away far or you know what...

2. When you find yourself surrounded by issues, use the patented Zoltron I.C.E.R. method. Identify. Confront. Explore. Resolve. And then go get a spritzer.

3. One part clear acrylic (faux) glaze, two parts wallpaper paste, a splash of water and a ring of invisibility (if applicable)

5. If you are a robot, always use oil after you take a bath, not the other way around. If you want to become a robot, click here

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May 20, 2004

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May 17, 2004

i only got one tip:

This Life

but i give you five tips on five different episodes of "this american life" that is sooooooo good.

listen, learn, get inspired and enjoy.

Allure of Crime
Episode 135

Episode 222

The Friendly Man
Episode 181

Kid Logic
Episode 188

Episode 220

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my five tips
------ -----

Dave Cooper
he is realy realy cool! If u haven't seen any of his comics run directly to the comic store and order his books. U will never regret it! His imagination is realy inspiring. He makes realy nice paintings and I especially like his drawings. The episodes of television program x-32b featured in the awarded comicseries 'Weasel' are my all time fouvorites! For more info about Dave Cooper go to

Psyop is one of the neetest
animationstudio's/adverisingcompanies/grafhicdesigners on the block.
everything they create looks realy fresh and blows your mind. they are the
heroes of today. go check out

d-i-r-t- y
I realy love the mixes u can find on They ask people like Air, Plaid, mr Scruff, Four tet, Luke Vibert, to make a mix of one hour. Air for instance made a compilation of western songs. These are the mixes I like a lot: barry 7, think toy, ttc, leila, dj shit, four tet, trevor jackson, air-western songs.

That's the name of a band from Finland and they describe themselves as the
'kings of casio-core'. They make the craziest tunes with lots of bleebs
and ploinks! I would realy like to see them in live action. The album 'derek!' is super and cameout on humppa records. They are not for sale at the usual record store.
This is all that recording company has to say about Aavikko:
"All-instrumental semi-psychedelic carny / tivoly music in the spirit of 60's italo-westerns and (gasp) slavic pop melodies with a definite hard noise edge. Both formats offer the same eight smash hits, BUT on vinyl you get primal lo-fi mono recordings, whereas CD has separate hi-fi studio versions (Is this a first in the universe?). Choose your own poison!

They live in barcelona,switserland. One of them is known by the name of
gregol. I think they are twin brothers. Gregol is never there but always
has lots of chicken in the fridge next to the cheese. I guese no-one want's to know who they realy are but who cares when they make amazing stuff. Visit their disturbing website; or
--- -------

"the picture above is from the smac re-animated expo in the permanente in groningen that will be there till 12 june. i made the wallpainting together with dumboh and if u have time go there! it turned out realy nice! for more info go to"... Fruhstuck

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Five healthy reasons to buy a dog:

1. it's a good cover up for bombing
2. it's a smooth way to meet new girls
3. it's a reason to get out of your bed and get some fresh air
4. it's nice to be a boss for a change
5. at the end of the day your not alone

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1) Embrace every day like it's your last. It might be.
2) Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
3) Help those who need it.
4) Don't take yourself too seriously.
5) Remember to laugh.

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March 3, 2004

tip #1:

only attempt to paint, draw, whatever when your mind is fully at ease. If your thoughts are elsewhere you will never be happy with what you've done and in my experience this leads to dumping stuff which may actually be pretty good? If your hearts not in it then whats the point?

tip #2:

When out and about, never concentrate on the fact that passers by may be perplexed by your activities, its going to cause you mischief. Just ignore everything around you, because if your gonna get caught, your gonna get caught. People will sometimes suprise you though, and actually want to chat and discuss what your doing, this is a warm change and its nice to hear what strangers think.

tip #3:

Cleanliness is next to godliness, don't leave shit where your doing something, try and pretend it just appeared there or a least attempt to give that impression.

tip #4:

If a painting, image, idea is stressing you out, leave it be. Have a cuppa and an eccles cake, maybe a cigarette and come back at it. It can be torturous just to keep plugging away, building the Hulk rage. Its going to there tommorow?

tip #5:

Don't fear criticism. it can be good to hear if your on the wrong path, best thing is ask someone outside the life, someone real close, like your mum, or your girl/boy. See what they think, their answers or responses are going to be nothing but honest. Its the only way sometimes to see what your actually doing. Most of your friends will be too scared to say what they really think, which is sweet, but doesn't help sometimes.

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September 23, 2003

5 Tips From... Ewos

My five tips:

1 Always release some anger!
2 Cum clean
3 Drink beer for free
4 Get a bitch or die trying
5 Keep it dirty!

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August 15, 2003

5 Tips From.... D*Face

"Okay, so five tips, huh! Where to start and with what! After much head scratching here's. 6! Discard one that you feel its crap, already knew it, already do it."

1. Talk minus action equals zero

2. Gut instinct ... listen to it. Countless situations have proven it reliable - normally with hindsight 'damn, I knew that spot was a bust' (works well at night!)

3. Make use of street furniture (bins, crates, bikes etc.) these are normally moveable and good for a boost up to get those high reaches.

4. One man's trash is another man's treasure. City trash- there's plenty of it. Off cuts of wood, fridge doors, old signs all make interesting & varied free canvases. Paint and return to the street. As endorsed by the FKC.

5. Cut through your own stickers, WHAT?!!! Yep, after you've hit a really good spot (and if you have time), get a sharp scalpel blade and carefully slice through your own sticker, you wont see the lines but it turns the sticker into a buffers nightmare!!

6. Sleep is the enemy.

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August 14, 2003


Hi there Wooster! Bringing back the 'Five Tips' is a good move. At first I wanted to send you five 'tippies' for making five 'stikkies', but that's a Dutch joke nobody would understand... So here are some other tips that work international.

tip een;

With stickers, always make sure that the sticky side goes on the surface. If you don't want anyone peeling them off, just take a sharp stanlyknife and cut it up like a raging idiot. This way, they have to peel over a hundred different pieces. Make sure there's foam on the corners of your mouth, so passers by won't stop to make comments. Also, cutting your stickers with a pair of special 'zigzag' scissors, makes removing really difficult.

tip twee;

When you see an old man or woman trying to cross the street, don't be a basterd. Help them cross. Do make sure to put some stickers on their back. They walk through town very slow, and can bee seen as a good sticking object. If they are really old, and forget alot, the sticker can last up to a week! You can off course apply this 'old school' method on every person.

tip drie;

If your girl askes you a question concerning here weight, ('honey, does this make me look fat?') run like the wind!

tip vier;

Make sure you always got a few friends working at strategic places like a bar, a liquor store, a restaurant, a copy shop, a bar, a graphic appliance store, a bar, a post office, etc. etc.

tip vijf;

If you find a carton of milk dated back in the nineties, slowly open it and drink it in one big gulp. Then, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Finally I got a sixth tip; If you go to Rotterdam, DON'T WEAR AN AMSTERDAM AJAX SHIRT!

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June 4, 2003

Five Tips From... Vinnie Ray

"I wrote these tips while swinging from a hammock where the jungle meets the ocean in Venezuela....So this is sort of travel, world experience related stuff..."

1. Tell all your friends about your travels, show them pictures and encourage them to do the same. We can gain so much perspective by travelling, especially outside your own country.

2. To see the line between Order and Chaos, look at a pineapple, for instance. You realize that things alive and growing have order, patterns, structure. Then they die and the organizing life force leaves the vessel, it falls to the ground in a random fashion collecting with all the other random debris. If you look at a lump of corral it's chaos with nice colors.

3. There is a drink in Japan called Shochu. It's clear and mixes like vodka. It's very old, but making a come back cause it doesn't give you a hang over! Mixes well with Green Tea on ice.

4. Let's make a Wind Farm art commune.

5. Much of the graffiti in South America is political messages scrawled on walls. If you got your can of spray paint and tagging your thing try adding some criticism to the wall. We have to start working to get George W. out of office now....

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May 27, 2003

Five Tips From... Flying Fortress

1. Post no bills -- Always add strongly sticking wood glue to your poster paste to strain peoples nerves.

2. Housewives' wisdom
-- If you ever get a stain by feeding salt on your bright white shirt inadvertently - just clean it out immediately with red wine.

3. Education of kids -- Alway cross streets on red light to become a evil model for someone's kids.

4. Archive your business - If you paint an illegal surface, try to get a photo of it soon, 'cause may they will clean it up. "Uh, Fortress! Damn! Really?"

5. Ebay - Wanna sell your old out-off-fashion-and-f**ked-up clothes on ebay? And wanna get your money back you once paid for your stuff years ago when it was all brand new? Just use the right word in the item's description! Like "worn a lot - never washed", or "from a really spoiled fetishist", or "worn off by young gay"... That sounds a little bit discriminating - but sorry, it works well!

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