• February 13, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

ZBS’s Skull



From ZBS:

“This project started with quite a basic (i guess wheatpasters will understand…) idea.
I wanted to find a simple way to get a big wheatpaste with my A4 copy machine. My idea was to reproduce a huge design using a mosaic of severals pictures (selected for their general appearance).

Taking my own photos would have been quite easy, but i though it would be more interesting looking for the perfect picture made by somebody else, with a completely different goal.

Once done, all this made me realize two things:

With the huge development of media-sharing sites as Flickr, youtube, and blogs, nowadays anybody can enter the life of a stranger, copy their pictures, their movies and their ideas and make them his own!

I made this skull (base is a print by Andy Warhol), with selected pictures on Flickr to turn them into a negative image. This shows how easy it is to find on the internet exactly what you need for your own project, using nothing but somebody else’s work, and tell people that they should think first instead of spreading themselves on the internet with either good or crap stuff.

the Internet is a wonderful thing, but it becames too easy to show your work to the world. Everybody who has a hobby, wants now to be famous, even with bad quality art, videos or music. This is also prejudicial to all the talented artists who won’t be appreciated because they get lost into the mass…

Our fathers and grandfathers had diaries, well hidden into cupboards, where they could lay down all their feelings, and keep their personals things. the internet is now a key for everyone’s cupboard. It is a wonderful tool for communication and reflexion, but i also truly believe that it became the best weapon for the police, politicians, business companies or anybody else who would like to enter your life.

“1984” was scary, but human kind is pervert, so why would Big brother put a camera in every house when we do it of our own free will?

I don’t consider myself as a wonderful artist, and i know that showing this text and collage on wooster will put me right into this kind of people i am talking about, but this is what i believe.

Anyway, this wheatpaste was very interesting to create, and i hope you like it!

ZBS (member N°2)