• March 18, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Wooster vs. Netomat - Round 2

Earlier this week we launched a neat little web
application called a “Netomat” which allows all of you drop in your own
comments, photos, and drawings into one large collaborative space.  But within
an hour of it going live on Monday, so many photos were posted to the netomat
page that it began taking a very long time to load.  So after making some
technical adjustments on our end, we’re now ready to relaunch the Wooster
Collaborative space, now in a slightly different format. 

Each day
we post a new image on our splash page.  Most of the time we have no idea who
the artist is. Being that we’re constantly asked to archive the splash photos,
we thought we’d use the Netomat technology to create a weekly gallery of the
previous week’s splash pages We look forward seeing to your comments, tags,
drawings, photos, etc. on the pages(But one request - please keep the photos
below 250k in size so that the page can load quickly) 

Click on the
image below to go to our gallery of images from our splash pages. 



(You can learn more about Netomat on their website href="http://www.netomat.com">www.netomat.com)