• March 19, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Give ‘Em Props!... F. Hundertwasser’s “Black Girl” by LaDyBuG


/>“Is there ONE painting, sticker, stencil, sculpture, or piece of
architecture that truly inspires you in your daily work?”

...it has been easy to choose F. Hundertwasser, because he?s absolutely
my favourite artist and he inspired my art! it has been hard to choose a
painting because i definetely like all his stuff, but, in the end, i decided to
choose a piece called “black girl”... i love it because it contains all the
things i appreciate of the style of hundertwasser: the colours mixed together,
the forms that seems to grows in the space of the painting, the image of the
girl who slowly moves behind the flowers… that?s all i like of this painting!
everytime i watch it i discovered something new that gives me new
feelings…it?s really impressive! i think it gave me the right inspiration to
find my style… all my paintings are linked to this artist…

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