• March 1, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

“Wooster How To…”  #5- Brad Downey’s How To Become Invisible


City workers get paid to maintain the order of the outside space, that space, which functions for the public. If you live or work in a city you will probably ignore a few of these guys or girls every day on your way from home to work. Dig into your memory…....., Can you remember any of there faces or what they were doing (unless they were “cat calling” you)?  The nature of their job and position in society has given them the power of invisibility, whether they want it or not. The construction vest is a tool to fool the ages. Especially if your installing city property. cheeky.  hocuspocus. presto chango.

So get our there and touch your city. Here are a few examples of what I have done.

Civil Servant, Brad Downey


Endless Column in Context, 2005
Location: London near Goodge street Station
Duration: 3 days,
This piece was taken down live on BBC radio. I tried
to call in and join in the discussion. But, they did
not believe I had installed it and promptly hung up on
me. thems the breaks.


The Tree, 2005
Location:  London, near Euston station
Duration:  1 week,
This piece was one of the few I ever installed at night. My friend Matt Murphy who is an amazing painter is helping me on this one.


The Orifice, 2005
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Duration:  9 months and surprisingly still standing
My father is pictured in this one.