• February 6, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

Videos We Love: Defaced

We loved this video above, called Defaced, for so many reasons.  A. It’s extremely well made and B. It’s storyline speaks to the heart of so many issues that we write about on the Wooster site as it addresses the the whole street art vs corporate advertising issue with a lot of fun, humor, and heart.  The films is about a man, trapped in the confines of a corporate poster, as he tries to escape and become part of the street art on the opposite wall. “Although the street art is free, it is condemned and usually destroyed to make way for advertising, a risk he is willing to take to be with the stencilled girl on the other side.”  You can watch the Youtube video above or a higher quality one here.

Congrats to the Producer/Director Lorcan Finnegan and the team at Lovely Productions in Dublin. 

Nice one, guys!