• January 9, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

The Art of Koralie

Photo nicked from Flickr here.

Every once in a while when we’re introduced to the work of a new artist (new to us anyway) it reconfirms to us why we love doing the Wooster site so much.  For us, there’s an excitement that at any moment we can open an email or have a conversation with someone and then learn about something completely new that gets us motivated all over again. 

This happened the other evening when Adeline from StreetPlayer in Paris came to visit Sara and I at our flat for a glass of wine.  She mentioned to us her passion for the work of an artist in France who she works with named Koralie.  Seeing Koralie’s work on the web both on her site and on Flickr injected that sense of - “How come I didn’t know about her before?” positive frustration that motivates us all the more to keep going.