• May 28, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Shiro - The Vitals:Age: over


Shiro - The Vitals:

Age: over 252 months old
Hollywood, CA.
Where do you now live?: Los Angeles
long have you been creating street art?:
Off and on since 89
did you do last night?:
Went to the Beautiful Decay Magazine party, bombed
some stickers and snapped some pictures.
What is your favorite thing to
eat for dinner?:
Greens and cornbread or sushi (Unagi Jyu) Eel and rice.
/>Who is your favorite fictional character?: Homer Simpson, Al Bundy,
Leonardo da Vinci’s version of Jesus
What do you currently have in your
Cell phone, stickers, maxed out credit card with a high APR
and a good luck anchor I got from some Indian dude I ran into on the street.
/>If you were given “more time,” what would you do with it?: Make more
art, music and create a family with one stick 2 balls and a box.
Who do
you love?:
Family and friends


Shiro - The A’s to Our Q’s:

Wooster: How did you get started in
creating art for the street?

Shiro: I started doing graffiti
back in 89 mostly tags and throw ups.I started piecing around 90-93 then I got
into making stickers and stencils.

Wooster: What other street
artists do you most admire and why?

Shiro: "http://www.pbs.org/art21/artists/mcgee/">Twist his style is sick and
original I’ve been peeping his shit since the new deal / mad circle days. href= "http://www.dissizslix.com/">Slick he’s one of the only O.G. graff
artist that I see that’s down to mix traditional graff and digital bombing with
style and orginality. Shepard Fairy what
more can be said he’s just insane and really dedicated to pushing his art. href= "http://www.workhorsevisuals.com/logan_hicks/logan_hicks_a.html">Logan
his attention to detail and composition are amazing he’s one of the
best stencil artist I’ve ever seen and he gets 10 cool points for being down to
earth and humble.  Space invader,
Banksy, All the O.G. LA writers that got
me amped about graff in the 80’s like Miner, Wisk, Tempt, Sleez, WCA, K2STN, BC,
CBS, LTS, UTI… the list could go on and on.

Wooster: What’s
your favorite city, neighborhood, or block, to post and/or to see street art?
Shiro: My favorite part of L.A. is the artist district downtown I
see allot of good shit on alameda blvd. the Wilshire district is always good,
Silver Lake, Venice and Santa Monica.

What inspires
you now?

Shiro: Just being alive is inspirational I had a few
close calls in my life and didn’t think I would still be on earth at my advanced

What are you currently working on?

/>Shiro: I’m doing a shitload of paintings for a few art shows, producing
some shirts that come with a 4 song mini cd hangtag, putting out a new 12inch EP
on audibleobjects.com and producing some handmade action figures called 12oz.