• November 13, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

“Quality of Life” Premier in San Francisco


/>We’ve been hearing a lot of good things lately about a new movie called
“Quality of Life”. empte eyes
went to the premier last night in San Francisco.  Here’s his report:

/>“Quality of Life” movie
premeired here at the local landmark of independent cinema the “roxie” in the
mission district. a massive crowd showed up to the sold out premiere and the
line wrapped around the block. The film is amazing, a must have collection to
the few videos truly documenting the feel of paint in your nose and task force
at the door.

Most of the cast showed up for the hometown premiere
including director, producer, writer Benjamin morgan and co-writer and star
“vain” played by local graf legend Brian Burnam, as well SF graf legend, Bryan
Dawson stunt double, painter and art director.




film gives a great potrayal to the life of mission district graf painters from

the late nineties to early 2000’s different backgrounds facing prison time
and hardship. The collaboration between brian and ben kept the authenticity of a
true story accuratley potrayed by the artists who were involved in the “mission
school”.next stop is the sold out premiere in spain.


/>Meet Michael “Heir” Rosario and Curtis “Vain” Smith, the most prolific and
talented graffiti writers from the Mission District in San Francisco. At age
ten, in a desperate search for fame and identity, the young friends began
writing their names on surrounding urban landscapes. More than a decade later,
the duo have evolved into a brilliant team of street artists. The two have
covertly decorated the canvases of concrete and steel throughout the Bay Area.
However, when Heir and Vain are arrested for painting, their secret identities
are revealed and creative outlets are abruptly severed.

Faced with
restitution and the prospect of serving hard time, Heir and Vain struggle to
maintain their creative passion. The paths they choose threaten to unravel their
lifelong friendship and, ultimately, their lives.”