• January 6, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Putting A Name To It…. We Need Your Help

Over the past few months, we’ve received numerous
emails from people around the world asking us the academic name for the current
art movement that Wooster and sites like it are showcasing.  To date, we’ve been
simply calling it “street art.” But perhaps that’s not the best name for it, as
most of the artists featured on Wooster are also doing fashion, graphic design,
illustration, photography, etc. 

The one name that we hear being
used most often is “Post Graffiti” But then again, is this
“Post Graffiti’?  The truth is, we have no clue. (Hmmm…. “A Celebration of
Post Graffiti” doesn’t sound too good)

So rather than scratch our
heads and struggle to find an answer, we thought we’d ask all of you for your

So here’s our question for the week: 

years from now, what should people be calling - from an academic standpoint -
the current contemporary art scene that we’re all a part of?  What name would
you give it?

Send us your answers to woostercollective@hotmail.com
and we’ll post the responses on the Wooster site over the coming days.

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