• May 30, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Profile: Kena


/>Age: 16
Hometown: Odessa (Ukraine)
/>Where you now live?: I live here, in city the hero in
Where would you most like to live?: I would like to
live in many cities, though and here not bad, this dream can in couple of
years and will come true, but while it only dream…
Who was your
first “hero” in a life?:
In the childhood I very much liked to look the
animated cartoons, the most favourite was “Nu, pogodi!” (excuse but to English
it to not translate), in this cartoon film the Wolf which always was offended
the Hare but as at him not absolutely it turned out (the Hare was artful) at the
end of each series the Wolf spoke “Nu, pogodi!” - these two heroes also were the
very first and the most favourite  
What is your favorite thing
to do on your day off from work?:
Very much I like to sit up in
Internet. At me the Photobroad gully href="http://www.fotolog.net/_kena_">www.fotolog.net/_kena_ recently has
opened and I already have had time to begin to rock there about 30 photos, I
every day update him.  At leisure I like photograph, my photos and a photo of my
friend in team “InFoKu$” (it not the big association consisting of two person: I
and B.E.) you can see on href="http://www.fotolog.net/infokus">www.fotolog.net/infokus. So welcome;-
What your favourite color?: As such favourite color
is not present! It is pleasant darkly violet, brightly brown well and black. 

Whom (or what) do you love?: I’m free (though the chance
yesterday was;-). I like my dog, a computer, also I love sweets and many other


/>Who and/or what are some of your influences?

influence Eko with his system ( href="http://www.ekosystem.org">www.ekosystem.org and under these references
you can look some from my works on a site: href="http://www.ekosystem.org/Streets.php3?Date=20040420">here; href="http://www.ekosystem.org/Streets.php3?Date=20040421">here; href="http://www.ekosystem.org/Streets.php3?Date=20040506">here; href="http://www.ekosystem.org/Streets.php3?Date=20040521">here, in the city
I was the first visitor ekosystem as well as the first who started to glue
labels in city. Your Collective, Stickenation, stickIt also had influence! I try
something myself, something new.

What other artists do
you most admire?

I very much like that the Ukrainian
stage does, it certainly Nek and Smel (Ternopol), comrade Vlodek - MOVA POWER!
(Chrvonograd/Kiev), Amoe/FAZ (L’viv), the Teeth, Bears and Humps from Odessa and
certainly PunKena;-). Foreign it is possible big list, but I shall name the
first who will come to me in a head: Jerome Demuth (_G_) with his photos, Ekone
with his nose and legs, mega trains from Bitch & Special (EWC), Birds, FF, Above
(Colifornia), Alexone (Paris), Pez (Barselona), SDK (Honet, Jiwee), Andre, Colt
1985 ect.

How would you describe your art to someone who
could not see it?

I would describe the art so - I ask:
“Whether you see tadpoles in the city”?
He/she answers: “Yes, I see many
labels with thin parts of a body and with big head on a traffics light!!! And i
like it”! I say: “Yooou! It’s cool”. He/she answers: “EEEEEEEEEEEE! It’s so
cool, that you cannot   present to itself”!
I say: “I know”! Any person
arrived here, should notice my works over city! Though in city a lot of toys
which tear off stickers, and it is very bad{:-[

other talent would most like to have?

I now study at art
school and it is pleasant to me, also it would be desirable to go on the web -
designer, and more time to give favourite business (stickers, posters, city and
trains;-). I try to clasp different layers of art, for a train at me other name,
for street-art another, and in a photo I use the initials (a name and a

What do you fear the most?

/>Most of all I am afraid that once all this can end, that there will be
no more eagerness, and this terrible that can take place!!!

/>What your biggest ambition?

Ambition (from an lat.
ambitio), ambition, the vanity, the aggravated vanity, self-conceit. I like what
I do, that you do that and many other actors do this. And it's real


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