• May 30, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With… Lister


/>“thought id drop you a line to let you know whats going on with the set in
brisbane. Social skills is a brisbane based collective of 8 artists- ani,
lister, fiasco, 1337, lucks, guz, reks, bo. Its a place where artists gather to
talk about ideas and basically hang out. We’ve recently come across an unused
shop front that we have converted into a street level gallery/store, where we
sell stickers, exhibit board games and watch 1980s cult skateboarding videos.
There are artist studios out the back and an alley next door that we have been
holding paint-jams every Sunday. The idea behind ‘social skills studio’ is to
create an atmosphere of; ‘taking the street into the gallery, as much as we take
the gallery onto the street’.  We’re not sure how long the space will continue
for? there is alot of support, but not a lot of funding being trown our way. We
will keep you posted. In the meantime; if anyone out there would like to
contribute to the ‘KEEP ‘social skills studio’ running FUND’,we would love to
receive your stickers or posters or nickers, old smurf toys or anything really.
So if you’re in brisneyland anytime soon, come & check us out.

/>Location: SOCIAL SKILLS STUDIO, 610 Ann Street, Valley, Brisbane, QLD,

Peace, href="http://www.listerart.com.au/new.cfm">lister


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