• September 22, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Profile: Boris


Boris - The Vitals:

Age: 32
siegen (germany)
Where do you now live?:
barcelona (spain), i can not say that i live there. i just have my car.
and i live in europe, thats truer. but i hope its BCN. coz its a hot place for
street art. wild and naive.
How long have you been creating street
starting 1990
What did you do last night?:
i was bored. i just thinked about it, but i dont do it! stupid idiot!!
/>What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?: it change
everyday. but easy things, easy to cook and easy to eat. like italian or
japanese. or potatoes with yogurt and spices,  mmmmh…!!!! maybe like my
Who is your favorite fictional character?: there are
more, spontanious i would say god, but this is just my natural instinct to be
sarcastic. well, i like superheros, yes i do. but in a different way, i think
they are all shit. cultural waste of dump!? when i am honest i am just one of
them.  going out at night and try to make the world a better place…. at the
end i like to tell you my favorite fictional character. it is monsieur hulot, i
like him, he could be my friend.
What do you currently have in your
you got me!!  keys, toiletpaper and two skinny caps. a lot
toiletpaper. you never know. its very cliche, he, this with the caps!
you were given “more time,” what would you do with it?: i like to start with
movies again, i stopped making movies coz it takes to much time. time is the
reason why i do street art. it is fast. it is more direct than everything else.
i go out at nine, without no idea. start to draw, people can watch me and talk
with me. and at ten somebody clean it. fucking shit! but at eleven i go out and
make something better, maybe he like it this time. well, more time? this year i
stopped to make fotos of every drawing i made, coz it takes to much time. while
i make fotos i can do 10 more drawings. ok i make every drawing different, but
when i am consequent it takes to much time making fotos. so it happens, when i
walk trough the city i found drawings that surprises me, because i made so much
that i forgot them. then i make a foto. i just hope there are enough people
making fotos. ok, i know there are a lot, but i still hope one is making very
good fotos. and, if you give me more time, i think i would use it for making
more drawings.
Who do you love?: my wife and my little,
cute, beautiful computer.


Boris - The A’s to Our Q’s:

Wooster: How did you get started
in creating art for the street?

Boris: a friend said
to me, hey, you have to make graffiti. and he was so permanent that we go out
one night and doing a graffiti.  this was 1990. it was strange, he only comes
with me, for helping me starting with graffiti. he only touch the can for maybe
one minute. after this i was fixed and i go out every weekend, alone. till now,
i prefer to work alone. it was this american graffiti shit, writing words and
shit. after 3 month i was bored of this shit and i start with street art. i
tried all but at the end i just like to use chalk or cans for making

Wooster: What other street artists do you
most admire and why?

boris: when i start 1990 it was
haring, he was dying around 90. i dont copy haring, i copy what he was copying.
when i now draw in barcelona, in the very old rawal, with chalk, it is very -
back to the roots! like a caveman 200000 years ago. like a aborigini 20000
years ago. like a agypt 2000 years ago. or me 1 year ago in the subway of
berlin. hm, at the end there are not so many that dont just entertain me for
some minutes. there is spair in berlin, he made some very good drawing with
chalk.  well, he is the one, why i love to work with chalk. but he dont know
what he can do. at the moment he just write his name million times. in bcn i
like freaklub. and they are the first i work together.

/>Wooster: What’s your favorite city, neighborhood, or block,
to post and/or to see street art?

boris: last year
it was berlin. wau, i do a lot, i was unstoppable.  this year i lived a few
month in bcn and when i come back to berlin for an exhibition i just do 2. this
says a lot!! i just wanted back to bcn.
all ideas i had, i want do it in
bcn. bcn is the best place for me. you only see paintings and drawings. wild
painting. naive and dirty. experiments. no words!

/>Wooster: What inspires you now?

/>boris: everything. in general watching people inspires me all
the time.

Wooster: What are you currently working
on?  Can you give us a sneak peek?

boris: i dont
know. i dont say.


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