• July 10, 2008
  • Posted by Marc

Our Favorite Street Art: Work That’s Site Specific

More and more, our favorite street art is not necessarily simply a great image or a playful character that makes us smile.
As street art evolves, so too does our tastes and sensibilities. 

Today, the street art that truly inspires us is work that is site specific - meaning that the artist fully incorporates the specific location into the work.

For us, this is not only when street art is truly at it’s best, but it’s when street art is truly “street art” and not just simply a poster or a sticker placed on a wall without permission.

This morning on Charlie Todd’s wonderful new blog Urban Prankster, we saw two images that we absolutely loved, mainly because the work is completely site specific.



The work was done by Scott Van Den Plas and Joe Van Wetering.