• December 4, 2008
  • Posted by Marc

Nomad: The A’s to Our Q’s

A few years back Sara and I flew to Amsterdam for our friends Chaz and Tina’s wedding.  At the reception we had the pleasure of meeting the Berlin based artist, Nomad

We’re pleased to let you know that this Saturday Nomad is opening his first soloshow in the United States, “THE ART OF LOOSING IT pt.3” at Found Gallery in Los Angeles.  It should be amazing.


Age: 14 Aeons currently take hostage of the body of a 38 year old German
Hometown: Kam’Gthul-Ga in the outer rim of Betegeuze
Where do you now live?: I’m a nomad. Currently I’m in Silverlake, L.A. on a veranda, Next week I’ll be in Berlin.
Where would you most like to live?: Kam’Gthul-Ga, in my forest
Who was your first “hero” in life?: Luzifer, i guess…
What is your favorite thing to do on your day off from work?: I never quit the great plan. Work is never done…even when I’m dreaming I work.
What is your favorite color?: Straciatella
Who (or what) do you love?: I love Life. Like Snoopy.

Wooster: Who and/or what are some of your influences?

Imaginary Friends,The Misfits before 1983, Jerry’s Kids,Throbbing gristle, The great Elders,Maggots Mold and Rust, Rainbows,Warriors, the weather, Lee Scratch Perry, Aleister Crowley and Patrick Cowley, Everybody who ever got up, Toy or King in the Universe, Metallica before 1984, Insects, My Sister, Myamoto Musashi, Griselda Blanco, John Waters, Harmony Korine, Ugly fat Dogmatics, Cool Cats, Haters Ron Jeremy, Richard Pryor,Johnny Cash and everybody i ever met.

Wooster: What other artists do you most admire?

(Aubrey Beardsley.1894. Salome)

There’s too many to mention, seriously… but to give you a hint I stick with 4 common names : William Blake, Aubrey Beardsley, Gustav Klimt, Caravaggio. ... and the fantastic Nobodies.

Wooster: What other talent would most like to have?

To let flowers grow out of each of my footsteps

Wooster: What do you fear the most?

To be completely without any fear.

Wooster: What is your greatest ambition?

living and dying.