• June 20, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Is there ONE painting, sticker,

Is there ONE painting, sticker, stencil,
sculpture, or piece of architecture that truly inspires you in your daily


Give ‘Em Props!”—Darius Jones by Swoon

“so unfair…just
one, ok, one of my all time favorite most inspirational street artists darius
jones made this amazingly intricate giant steel flower that he installed on
broadway in brookyn out towards bushwick, it’s big and mean and beautiful all at
the same time, (i have a friend who calls it the tetnus blossom)  one day i
heard an amazing story about this piece , a friend of mine who lives near it and
walks by it regularly said that there is a woman, very old, about 80 or so who
comes to this sculpture just about every day and makes an elaborate mandala
around the base of it out of bread crumbs which she steps back and watches the
birds take away.  do i need to say any more?”