• January 12, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Helping Us Out With The Email Problem

Over the last couple of years, the amount of emails that we receive each day has grown from one or two, to now over 400.  While we love getting the emails, they’ve become harder and harder to manage.  Because of this, we thought we’d give you some suggestions on how best to email us at the woostercollective. 

First, what NOT to do….

+ Please do not send us an email if the only purpose is to ask us to link to your website.  We link only to sites that are featured on a regular basis on the Wooster site.  In addition, we never link to sites that are purely a retail site for t-shirts, posters, etc.

+ Please don’t send us an email that says only “Hey Dude, check out my site at blahblahblah.com”  Make sure to tell us a bit about yourself and what your site is about. Email us three or four photos so we can see your work.  Similarly, don’t send us an email that says - “Dude, check out this site at blahblahblah.com. It kicks ass.”  Tell us about the site and why you like it.

+ For attachments that are photos, send us jpegs only.  Don’t zip the files, as most often we dont have time to open them.

+ Try not to make your email too long.  Sometimes we don’t have time to read all of the emails each day, so the longer the email the more it may site in our email box until we have more time to read it.

+ If you get a note back from us that says only “Thanks!” or something short, please don’t think that we are being rude or that we don’t appreciate your email.  Rather, we’re just going through as many emails as we can, and time is probably short for us that day.

+ If you don’t hear from us at all, please don’t take it personally.  Email us back a second time. If we mentioned that we were going to put something up and we didn’t do it, it may have fallen through the cracks.  Feel free to email us back to remind us

Regarding Photos:

+ Don’t send us a ton of pictures of the same exact sticker or wheatpaste, just on a different wall.  Pick out the best one or two to send us.

+ Send all photos as jpegs.  The maximum size of a photo on the site is 500 pixels wide.  If you can, make the photos as “light” as possible without losing any quality.

+ All photos need to be in focus.  Don’t send shots that are blurry.

+ Make sure that we can clearly see the artwork in the image.  Don’t send photos where the artwork is too small to see.

Again, this is not to discourage anyone from emailing us.  We love receiving the photos each day.  It’s just that we want to make it as easy and efficient for everyone.