• January 12, 2006
  • Posted by Marc


Flying from Iceland back home to Spain enabled me a down time to rest and reflect on all the adventures, cities and wonderful people I had been introduced to along the 4 months of Traveling Europe. Barcelona is Ideal for putting artwork’s in the public domain because of its sunny and warm weather as well as laid back attitude of the Spanish People. It was impressive to see such large and colorful works that seemed to be around every corner you walk in the city. Barcelona expresses a certain flair in its art, and streets. Its inspiring to see such volumes of tags, throw-ups, pieces, posters, stickers, and stencils living free among the locals. To say that there is no Buff system in Barcelona would be a lie, however it appears as if the Buff is getting increasingly active around Barcelona, as well as police and undercover cops. When I was near La Rambla one night, a car of undercover cops seized me as I was putting up some work and took me to the police station. Times are changing and so are the streets of Barcelona. The buff or police will never reign supreme over the artists but the fight is starting to get hot. If you have not yet been to Barcelona, GO!

* A big thank you to Royal for your support!

... Above


Corner pocket on this fresh wall. One of the most difficult aspects of painting a wall illegally during the daytime is not the cops, but the pedestrians stopping and asking questions of What? Why? is this illegal?..etc. It is important for me to find my space and groove when I paint illegally in order to block out the distractions of people, and cops. With rocks I made a physical line and enclosed my space from the distracting outside world. “To each their own!”


Patterns, textiles, and textures! Obsessed and Infatuated with all three.


psycho rambling on La Rambla.


As if 7 arrows were not already enough?!


In Barcelona its always a nice day for a walk.