• December 1, 2008
  • Posted by Marc

Evan Roth (GRL): The A’s To Our Q’s


Age: 30
Hometown: Okemos, MI, USA
Where do you now live?: Hong Kong
Where would you most like to live?: Buenos Aires
Who was your first “hero” in life?: Eazy-E
What is your favorite thing to do on your day off from work?: Coffee and the Internet.


What is your favorite color?: BADA55 (a very specific shade of light green)

Who (or what) do you love?: When Grape Lady goes down:

Wooster: Who and/or what are some of your influences?

I’ve learned a lot (either directly or indirectly) from the following people: Cory Archangel, Mark Jenkins, Banksy, Sean Carter, Zach Lieberman, Jonah Peretti, Leon Reid, Kanye West, Biggie, Richard Stallman, Stephen Powers, Damien Hurst, Edward Tufte, Andy Warhol, Lawrence Lessig, Le Courbusier.

Wooster: How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

LOLs for the revolution.

Wooster: What other talent would most like to have?*

The ability to sell art for money.

Wooster: What do you fear the most?

Working for other people.

Wooster: What is your greatest ambition?

To have Kanye post my stuff on his blog.

You can learn more about Evan’s work on his blog and his website.