• December 1, 2008
  • Posted by Marc

“Catchin’ up with…” Dr.D in London


“The guys from the MuTate Britain show came to see me about getting some posters up in London , I went to see the venue set in the heart of Shoreditch East London and was blown away. Warehouse space like this is fast becoming history as the whole of East London is becoming gentrified as more money pours into the area and in the name of the forth coming 2012 Olympics the street art and even the homeless are getting jet washed off the streets. The organizers let me get involved with some pieces inside the multi level venue and on the shutters on the front. I got the first of my series of Bent Commandments up on the front, 120 strips of paper and 8 hours work , it’ll be changing as the show progresses .

It’s exactly what a gallery should be, masses of artists (when I asked the organisers even they didn’t know just how many people were involved, I’ve counted at least 50) no pretention and a warehouse full of the greatest variety of art, street to metalwork sculpture perfect bedfellows in this industrial venue.

I won’t name check all the artists here because I’ll forget and offend someone, check the flyer or the website, the organizers Garfield ,Liam , Mr E. Dawe and Spencer have pulled off a blinder here and deserve a name check along with the legendary Mutoid Waste company.

By the way , there isn’t any connection with the other Tate except this is what the other one should be.”... Dr. D

MuTate Britain
Behind The Shutters Gallery
87-95 Curtain Road
London EC2a 3BS

Opens fri/sat/sun 2pm til 10pm until Christmas.

More photos here.