• December 5, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Dixon on the *ony PSP Ads

Hi Guys!! Great to see you making a debate about
the *ony add campaign.

I see this move on the part of *ony as a
desperate move…although it comes across as a creative one. If Joe from the
local chip stand asked me to paint a sign for him, I’d do it. The owner has
asked me and is paying me from his pocket, the deal sealed with a hand shake.
If *ony approached me with $  to take part in the assimilation, I would have to
decline. If I take a minute to think about it though….I may actually paint
the adds,  take the money and the picture they need as proof and immediately
paint over it. *uck *ony. As far as I’m concerned, *ony has won. The fact that
they are getting the press for good or for evil is a huge gain for them.  Sales
of that item will rise simply because they’ve planted the seed in our minds
that said, WERE HERE.
Consumerism is driven by emotion. If you need
electronics and you walk into an electronics store, you’ll go to the item that
creates that emotional contact. The product that feels and looks and makes you
think of quality, although it may not be true. Once the *ony logo takes hold by
entering your sites and mind, it will be very hard for you to release it. That
other huge corporation, the one that rhymes with Mikey knows all about
emotional links to product. That’s why they buy out all the top athletes. They
make you believe that to be a champ, you gotta wear their brand. Like some
magical, high performance dust was sprayed on their clothes. These athletes
will be great athletes with or with out that logo. When I see brands, I
see….sweat shops, enough plastic wrapping in the land fills to choke a horse
and one dozen men in the belly of the machine, driving their S.U.V.s while
sipping a $5 latte. I was told that you guys have some kind of connection to
the corporations? Tell them this. KEEP YOUR DESPERATE CORPORATE LONG ARM OUT OF


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