• June 4, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With Studio 14

“Our last event “urban-act #1” was really
great!!!! Many people came to see artwork by href="http://www.workhorsevisuals.com">Logan Hicks, href="http://www.pisa73.com">Pisa73, href="http://www.evoltaste.com">Evol, href="http://www.giveemhell.net">Give em Hell, href="http://www.mackplakt.tk">Mack Plakt, and href="http://www.ephameron.com">Ephameron ... for the first time in Rome!
Everybody was amazed with the show… and all the people at studio14 had a great
time with all the artists that came to Rome for the show! Here some snaps of the
event! Ciao to everybody at Wooster, from href="http://www.fotolog.net/studio14">studio14!”