• April 9, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With Nick Hum



“In the Fall of 2008 I was pondering a few things. First thing I was pondering was the question of how ethical is it to sell someone a “Designed” t-shirt for 25-20 dollars? I found myself and to this day find myself perplexed about how someone has the guts to charge someone else that much for a “t-shirt”. So I began to think of ways to distribute my t-shirt designs for very little costs. I came up with two ideas:

1. Buying thrift store shirts, printing on them, then charging a small amount because its used clothing
2. Establishing a system where people bring their own t-shirt, pick a design from me, and they only pay for the amount of ink I’ve use to hand print on them.

But then I came up with an idea that melded the two, a process which I’ll explain in steps.
1. Buy 10 white t-shirts from thrift store ($20)
2. Screen print on them ($.25, elbow grease)
3. Return them back to the thrift store “

... Nick