• January 7, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

An Update from Antonia

Yesterday we put up href="http://www.woostercollective.com/2005/01/seen-on-brighton-beach-boardwalk-
in.html">some photographs
of some artwork that was seen on Brighton Beach in

Antonia writes:

Hi there at wooster! Maybe
you know this already all. I believe, those pasteups at brighton beach were made
by SOLOVEI. She is a friend of SWOON, and had an exhibition with her in Berlin
oneandhalf years ago. She makes fantastic drawings and sticks them as originals
outside. You can’t find much about her in the net, Some examples from href="http://www.fotolog.net/antoniaschulz/">my photolog are below.

/>You can also see more of her work on StickerNation href="http://www.stickernation.net/seen.asp?frmName=SOLOVEI">here.

/>To me SOLOVEI is on of the most interesting artists outside!

you + take care, Antonia”


src="http://www.woostercollective.com/images2/slovv2.jpg" />

src="http://www.woostercollective.com/images2/slovv3.jpg" />

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