• September 16, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Absolut Rassberri Street Campaign in Belgium

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/>From Bob in Belgium:

“We did a similar art project for
Absolut Raspberri here in Antwerp/ Belgium. We invited 5 young artists from
Belgium en Netherlands to create an artwork inspired by Absolut Raspberri. These
artist are: Knowone & Melvin // ZK crew (Fixer, Pest, Pointdexer) // PZ
(Papzakken) // Hixtril // Les Deux

It al started because we wanted to
create art on all the construction sites in Antwerp. There is so much
construction going on in the city right now, that you get the impression you are
living in a construction site! So we wanted to change that by hiding all
construction sites behind artworks.

Off course this was a crazy idea,
but somehow we hooked up with Absolut and they liked the idea and wanted us to
do this but on a smaller scale.

So this resulted in the “Unleash the
Raspberri Summer Art”

We had artwork on 5 construction sites, a
temporary museum in the bar of the Photography museum, a collection of
customised bottles on display in several windows,...

The cool thing is
that the artists could create something in their own style, and not like the
regular absolut commercials.

Anyway, check it out on our website: href="http://www.m-a-f.be%20/">www.m-a-f.be (it’s mostly in Dutch, we are
working on a new and improved site)

Pictures of raspberry exhibition
are here.