March 29, 2006

CNN International is reporting that in London, the Borough of Lewisham has launched a campaign where people can use their mobile phones to get rid of graffiti that they see on the streets. It seems that you can download a Java application to your phone such that when you take a photo of a piece of graffiti that you don't like. Using MMS, the photo is then uploaded directly to the city council who then dispatch a clean up crew to paint over it.

For us, there's something quite unsettling about this. We wonder if this is a trend that we'll start to see in other cities.

From Adam comes this suggestion:

"I’ve got an idea, to mess up their plans, if everyone on wooster in the uk took photo’s of bill boards and sent them instead then they’d get overloaded with useless photo’s and would soon give up on this pointless exercise. just an idea, but think it'd be a good idea"

I guess the only problem with is that the authorities have your cell phone number to track you down.

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