October 26, 2006


One of the most impressive examples that we've ever seen of not only DIY film making, but also of DIY film marketing , has got to be the self financed and self distributed graffiti film, Quality of Life.

The latest effort from director Benjamin Morgan is a behind-the-scenes video podcast series, Putting the Pieces Together.

Ben writes - "Making Quality of Life was sheer hell. We never had the money to do anything we wanted to do. Every fricking step was a struggle. But we adopted The Graffiti Model to get the shite done. And proved that money doesn't mean anything, and passion means everything.

This vodcast series is being launched in conjunction with our new book (Soft Skull Press), Putting the Pieces Together: The Graffiti Model for Indie Filmmaking. The goal is to pull back the curtain and tell the story of how we made (and distributed) this film with no money."

You can check out the video podcasts by clicking here.

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September 15, 2006



From time to time we've highlight instances of brands biting (ie ripping off) the illustrations and designs of various artists, some street artists, some not. It's an important subject, but a difficult one to cover on the Wooster site because it's almost a full time job managing all of the different sides to the story. It's a tricky subject. Do street artists lose copyright and control of a work when they put it up on the street? Is everything fair game (In our minds, no)


we're really pleased that RONE from Stencil Revolution has started a website called You Thought We Wouldn't Notice as a way to expose all the stealing that goes on from the street to the design community.

Check the site out because as it grows you will be shocked to see how many times blatant rip-offs happen.

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April 20, 2006


Houtlust showcases another terrific outdoor campaign that takes its cue from street art. Last year the Auckland Regional Council New Zealand as part of the Big Clean Up campaign painted shadows of native trees, connecting them to a pole that read -"Nothing Can Replace a Tree. Plant more Native"

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