October 2, 2006

If you find yourself in Sao Paulo this week, be sure to stop by Tofer's book signing...


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August 4, 2006


Beautiful Crime is currently showcasing a wonderful gallery of photographs taken at Os Gemeos' current show "the fish that ate shooting stars". You can check it out here.

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July 27, 2006



While Os Gemeos has been traveling the world doing projects in such countries as Japan, Cuba, China, Greek, Italy, Spain, Germany, South America, USA, until today they've never done a formal show in their hometown of San Paulo, Brazil. Today, their O PEIXE QUE COMIA ESTRELAS CADENTES exhibition opens at the Fortes Vilaça Gallery.. The expo consists of a huge art installation on the first floor, eight paintings on the second floor. Finding the gallery won't be difficult as the twins have painted the entire building with a big yellow head.

(Thanks, Endrigo)

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