October 24, 2011


Nick Georgiou: Paper Elegies
October 21, 2011 - November 22, 2011
Opening Reception: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm, Friday, October 28, 2011
Temple of Music and Art
330 S. Scott Avenue
p. 520-624-7370

hours: Monday - Friday
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
and before and after
Arizona Theatre Performances

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April 9, 2011


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March 23, 2011

MezzoForte Decade Of Decadence 2011 from MTG on Vimeo.


solo show
Mojito Gallery

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January 7, 2011


Opening Night Party, Friday the 7th of January from 17:30 – 21:00.
Galo Art Gallery
Via Saluzzo 11/g,
Torino, Italy

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November 28, 2010


If you're in Miami on Friday, December 3rd please join us for our Trespass book party and book signing during Art Basel. It should be an amazing night as we're planning on blocking off the street and Shepard Fairey will be DJing.

This will be our final event of the year to celebrate the book and we're going to go out with a bang. Lots of the the artists from around will be attending. It should be an amazing night.

Please RSVP to store-miami@taschen.com. 8:00 til 10:00 PM.

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September 10, 2010



As street art moves from the street into the galleries, the challenge the artist faces is how to "transfer" the aesthetic and impact that their work has on the street onto a canvas and into the galleries.

We love the approach that the Toronto based artist Dan Bergeron has taken with Face of the City, his first commercial gallery exhibition which opens tonight at Show & Tell.



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July 30, 2010



Circus Gold Presents: Neighborhood Watch

3-day Event Featuring: Art/Movies/Puppet Dj dance party/Music/Raffle/Games/Kung Fu/Costume party/and more

Suggested donation at door.

For daily event schedule and to RVSP go to the circus gold page on face book.

Artist Showing:

Briar Bonifacio/ Austin, Texas

JLaw/Austin, Texas

Zach McDonald/ Austin, Texas

Patrick Griffen/ New York

David Perez/ San Antonio, Texas

Stephen Fitzgerald/Brooklyn, Texas

Kim Swift/Brooklyn, Texas

Cherie Weaver/ Austin, Texas

Hayden Dunham/ New York

Arden Fanning/ New York

Trinh Huynh/ New York

Elizabeth Huey/ New York

Joesph Phillips/ Austin, Texas

Carly Rabalias/ Brooklyn, Texas

LaBrona/ Canada

and many more.......

Event includes

Film screenings: Break in/Beat Street/Street Wise/Rumble Fish/Cool Hand Luke/Eat Flies/Big Bad Love/

Daily games for prizes with raffle drawing sponsored by: Ghetto Olympics which include musical chairs/pull up contest/bing bag toss

Dj Dojo drawing room/kung fu class

Puppet Dj dance costume party

Sponsors include: Patron/Cafe Bastelo/Zico/

Food:Bruce Lee Smoothies/Popcorn/and more

Clothing/Accesories by: darkeyes clothing/Circus Gold


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July 27, 2010




If you're looking to head out of the city this week, be sure to check ELECTRIC WINDOWS which returns to Beacon New York this Saturday.

An art and music Celebration l in Upstate NY

30 artists painting live / Live music / Live screenprinting / vendors & more!
Saturday July 31st 2010
12pm to 7pm 

510 Main Street Beacon NY

Big Foot
Chor Boogie
Chris Stain
Chris Yormick
Elbow Toe
Elia Gurna
Erik Otto
Eugene Good
Joe Iurato
Kid Zoom
Mr Kiji
Logan Hicks
Lotem & Aviv
Michael De Feo
Paper Monster
Peat Wollaeger
Rick Price
Ron English
Ryan Bubnis
Ryan Williams

fore more info and directions:


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May 12, 2010

Project Hello - Denver 2010 from Matt Dunn on Vimeo.

"We wanted to say HELLO to Denver from the creative sector as well as promoting an event called PROJECT HELLO.

For the piece we used 45 painted cardboard pieces that fit into the framework of the pedestrian bridge using zip ties to spell out HELLO. We had about 30 of our amazing creative friends help us gather cardboard, cut, paint and install the piece over the course of last week. The piece lasted about 4 days."... Scot Lefavor & Sandra Fettingis

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February 3, 2010


Armsrock's most recent exhibition of light works opens on February 10th in Copenhagen. “Passage / Works” was created in in collaboration with the municipality of Frederiksberg and Movingads, as a part of LYSLYD.

“Passage / Works”
10th -28th of February 2010.
16-24 each day.
Bispeeng buen, Frederiksberg.
Copenhagen, DK.

For additional information click here. For examples of earlier light installations click here.

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November 19, 2009


Kelsey Brookes @ Quint Contemporary Art from Zack Nielsen on Vimeo.

Sezio.org previews Kelsey Brookes : Bigger, Brighter, Bolder -- opening Friday, November 20th at Quint Contemporary Art in La Jolla, CA.

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October 3, 2009




'Kindred Times and Future Goodbyes' a recent event that a few friends (Foma <3, Klone and Zero Cents) and i recently put on. like the name implies, the show was in an abandoned building in south tel aviv. the location is an amazing structure that had its insides basically completely torn out, leaving only the four walls and allowing the skies to be seen through the non-existent roof and arched windows.

the building itself seems to be a somewhat historic building, and is set to be restored and preserved, but we painted in it, revisiting it and adding new pieces each visit, until we felt that it was complete.

we then decided on a date for the opening event, and opened a blog to announce the location on the day of the event, due to the fact that it was all done without permission.

i think that all in all it made for a very special night, with a lot of great people coming out, cheap wine, and bonfires to light it all up when it got darker."... Know Hope

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September 22, 2009


From Buff Diss:

"just wanted to let you know about a show i'm having in italy this friday - pretty stoked about it. i've found a 'deblessed' 15th century church in pisa, 700 year old frescoes still in tact, and have been allowed to tape the entire building for the show (left the frescoes alone). it's the first time i've really had time to work detail into the tapings and on this scale as well.

here's a short release that's accompanying the show -

On the 25th of September, Buff Diss will take over the entirety of the 15th century Church of Saint Bernard for his first European show entitled “God's left the building”. Intrigued by Christianity, the artist will tackle it’s divinity on the walls and floors of the church itself, appropriating iconography and constructing a replica tower of Babel in the exhibition’s centre.

God's left the Building. Cantiere Sanbernardo. via Pietro Gori, angolo via SanBernardo, Pisa
Opening 25th September. 7 - 11.45 pm
25, 26, 27 September & 2, 3, 4 Oct.
7 -11.45 pm

More info - www.cantieresanbernardo.it"buff diss

You can see more of Buff Diss's work here.

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September 21, 2009


For those in New York attending Advertising Week, Sara and I will be doing a talk on Thursday afternoon. Here's the info if you'd like to join us:

Chasing Inspiration: The Vidal Partnership brings you Wooster Collective

Thursday, September 24
2:00 - 2:45 pm

Time Center Hall
220 W. 52nd Street

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April 21, 2009

One thing that we've struggled with over the years is how to manage all of the emails we receive each day about upcoming shows and exhibitions.

We try to highlight a few each week, but the reality is that if we post all of them it would take up all of our time and the Wooster site would be one massive upcoming events page. But at the same time, we really want to support these shows as most of them are terrific. We want to help get the word out. The struggle has been in how to do it.

If you've been following us on Facebook, then you know we've tried to use Facebook as a companion to the Wooster site. We're using Facebook to do things on that we can't do well here.

So starting this week, on every Monday we're asking the question on our Facebook page:

Are there any good art openings this week? What are you looking forward to seeing? (post a link)

So if you're a gallerist or artist looking to get the word out about an opening, we encourage you become a fan of the Wooster Collective Facebook page and post your shows and events as a response to our question.

You can find the Wooster Collective page by clicking here.

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April 8, 2009



Bruno Leyval


A show that's been getting an incredible amount of good buzz lately is JUSTICE, an exhibition in Bristol that brings together work from five artists - C215, Dan23, Bruno Leyval, Least Wanted and MC1984.

All of the work in the exhibition is based on the themes of Law and Order. The show includes specific installations, photography, prints, and stencils, all placed within the the Bridewell Police Station’s cells.

The Long Arm Gallery, Bridewell Street, Bristol, BS1 3PY.
3rd - 26th April 2009.
Thursday - Saturday, 12pm-7pm.
Sunday, 12-4pm.
Also by appointment 07794 331424.

To see more of the work from the show, click here.

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April 3, 2009


If you haven't yet made it out to Shepard Fairey's retrospective show Supply and Demand at the ICA in Boston, this Saturday is a terrific time to take it in, as the ICA and AIGA is presenting "Design as Social Agent Day".

Saturday, April 4, 10 am - 5 pm

Through a full day of presentations, interviews, gallery tours, author talks, and more, this program considers the place of Shepard Fairey's work in a powerful design history of civic empowerment and resistance, seeks to understand how images resonate and gain momentum, examines the latest trends in communication and messaging, and discusses the implicit challenges of social agency in design.

Featuring speakers from fields of design, street art, music, and advertising, the programs explore the intersection of visual culture and social transformation, and how our understanding of originality, plagiarism, legality, and the artistic process has been exploded.

Main Stage Talks
Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theater
Tickets: $25 general admission; $15 ICA and AIGA members, seniors, and students
Ticket holders will have access to programs in the Bank of America Art Lab, State Street Corporation Lobby, and galleries. Admission to those programs is on a first-come, first-served basis.

*Special offer: Buy tickets for 2 or more Main Stage Talks and get one FREE (on all sales starting April 1, 2009; phone or in-person sales only)*

Culture and Resistance
10 am
With Kevin Grady, Caleb Neelon, Project Director for PIXNIT Productions, and Elizabeth Resnick

Elegant Dissent and Anarchy
11:30 am
With Elliott Earls

The Obama Effect: What Art Did for Advertising
12:45 pm
With Pete Favat and Nicholas Blechman

Steve Heller, Iron Fists: Branding the 20th-Century Totalitarian State
2 pm

Something Borrowed, Something True
3:30 pm
With Kevin Grady, Steve Heller, Nicholas Blechman, and Elliott Earls more

Also in the Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theater, between Main Stage Talks:
Tickets are not required

The Good, the Bad & the Runway
Student designers at the School of Fashion Design create characters and design garments that comment on the heroes, the villains, and the stars of fashion. Original graphic stencil artwork will be on display, one-of-a-kind garments will be modeled, and student designers will be on hand to discuss the meaning and the messages behind their work. This project was created and facilitated by SFD instructor and the Executive Director of Boston Fashion Week, Jay Calderin. Student created comic books with original designs at www.thegoodthebadtherunway.com

Happenings in the Bank of America Art Lab
Admission is free with a ticket to any main stage talk. Admission to these programs is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Social Networking for Social Good: What Stickers, Facebook and Flickr do that Press and Advertising Don't
10:45 am

The Many Mutations of Viral Marketing
12:15 am

The Next Generation
Organized in partnership with the Berwick Research Institute
2:15 pm

Author Talk: Caleb Neelon
3:30 pm

Action in the State Street Corporation Lobby

Book Signing: Kevin Grady
12 pm

Book Signing: Steven Heller
1 pm

Book Signing: Nicholas Blechman
2:15 pm

Book Signing: Caleb Neelon
4:15 pm

In the Galleries
Hear differing perspectives on Shepard Fairey's work, and see it through the eyes of designers, artists, critics, and curator with gallery talks scheduled throughout the day.

10 am Designer's Eye: Fritz Klaetke
11 am Critic's Eye: Cait Curran
12 pm Artist's Eye: Project Director for PIXNIT Productions
1 pm Curator's Eye: Randi Hopkins
2 pm Artist's Eye: Caleb Neelon
3 pm Designer's Eye: Rochelle Seltzer

Listen to exclusive music playlists from Brett Anthony Johnson, Interpol, Roger Miller of Mission of Burma, designers Kevin Grady and Clif Stoltze, and artists Caleb Neelon and the Project Director for PIXNIT Productions.

Video Box
10 am - 5 pm
Bank of America Art Lab
Share your views and tell us what you think in the video box, located in the art lab. What has been answered and what has not been addressed in the day's program? Footage will be regularly projected in the theater between programs. Hear your views, share your thoughts, and have the day's speakers consider what you say.

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December 17, 2008

Tomorrow evening, Thursday December 18th, the extremely talented David Ellis, will be giving an artist talk at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh. Things kick off at 7pm. Should be terrific

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December 4, 2008

(Deanne Cheuk)

If you are in Miami this week, be sure to drop by Theme Magazine and Scion's 8X08 print show in the Wynwood Art District. Information below:


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November 30, 2008



Asbestos' latest exhibition (which opened last Thursday) is a series of paintings of the faces and hands of boxers from Ligoniel Amateur Boxing club. Each portrait was done on objects found in the skips and streets of Belfast.

The show runs through the 11th of December at Safehouse Gallery, 25 Donegall Street, Belfast 028 9031 4499 .

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November 7, 2008


Torontoist has a terrific overview of the City Renewal Project that opens tonight in Toronto at 39 Lisgar Street. Hope to see everyone there tonight and then tomorrow at our lecture at the Red Bull Space at 381 Queen Street West, Suite 200.

See you then

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November 6, 2008

This weekend, Sara and I will be heading up to Toronto to participate in the City Renewal Project which opens this coming Friday night November 7th from 7 - 11 pm at 39 Lisgar Street

City Renewal Project is a large-scale, site-specific collaborative installation by fauxreel and Specter. The project focuses on the state of decay within the city, specifically examining abandoned storefronts and infrastructure that's on the verge of being erased from the cityscape. Housed inside a 4400 square foot warehouse, the project renews these dilapidated buildings as artistic monuments and documents their history amidst the gentrified frenzy of urban change.

On Saturday November 8th at 7pm, Sara and I will be giving a slideshow/lecture at 381 Queen Street West, Suite 200

It'll be an informative discussion about the world of outdoor art. We're told thats seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, so arrive early to ensure a spot.

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March 16, 2007


A few weekends ago Sara and I met up with WK at his studio here in New York. He was just finishing up a new series of paintings for a show in Tokyo with Sherpard Fairey at agnes b's galley. If you're in the area, be sure to check it out.

Also, Jamie O'shea's terrific Supertouch blog has an exclusive preview of WK's show in Paris at the Adict Galerie which opens tonight.

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February 28, 2007


FACE2FACE is a new project that the French photographer JR first told us about when he was in New York for the Wooster on Spring event. On March 4th, the portraits collected for the project will finally be pasted up on both the Palestinian and Isreali sides of the separation wall / security fence.

If you are not yet familiar with it, here's a description of the project, nicked from the FACE2FACE website:

"When we met in 2005, we decided to go together in the Middle-East to figure out why Palestinians and Israelis couldn't find a way to get along together.

We then traveled across the Israeli and Palestinian cities without speaking much. Just looking to this world with amazement.

This holly place for Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
This tiny area where you can see mountains, sea, deserts and lakes, love and hate, hope and despair embedded together.

After a week, we had a conclusion with the same words: these people look the same; they speak almost the same language, like twin brothers raised in different families.

A religious covered woman has her twin sister on the other side. A farmer, a taxi driver, a teacher, has his twin brother in front of him. And he his endlessly fighting with him.

It's obvious, but they don't see that.

We must put them face to face. They will realize.

We want that, at last, everyone laughs and thinks when he sees the portrait of the other and his own portrait.

The Face2Face project is to make portraits of Palestinians and Israelis doing the same job and to post them face to face, in huge formats, in unavoidable places, on the Israeli and the Palestinian sides.

In a very sensitive context, we need to be clear.
We are in favor of a solution for which two countries, Israel and Palestine would live peacefully within safe and internationally recognized borders.

All the bilateral peace projects (Clinton/Taba, Ayalon/Nussibeh, Geneva Accords) are converging in the same direction. We can be optimistic.

We hope that this project will contribute to a better understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

Today, "Face to face" is necessary.
Within a few years, we will come back for "Hand in hand". "

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Last Friday night No New Enemies and partner Mr. Ego, welcomed somewhere between 300 and 400 people to the opening of Animal Profane Plutonic: Icon Disruption's Under the Earth's Surface …

Artists involved are: Guifari (BE), Neasden Control Centre (Uk) and Victor Castillo (Chile)

Much like the No New Enemies network itself, the collaborative show and installation developed organically, each artist choosing a word for the title, nonsense making sense for some after the paint was slapped onto the walls.

No New Enemies is a network of artists that began doing public installations and has since began several other activities to support art and it's place in public.

For more info on the show, the No New Enemies network and other activities, you an contact: nonewenemies@gmail.com

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February 3, 2007


From Mac - "this is my son macintosh, he was born on January 20th, but attended the spring st. show in his mothers belly, it was his first art show. he's gonna be raised on this stuff. thanks for what you do from him & me."

From Sara and I and the Wooster Community Around The World - Congratulations!

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August 4, 2006


Eyeteath caught up with the Miss Rockaway Armada in Minneapolis as they prepare to set sail on the Mississippi this weekend. You can read about it here.

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June 1, 2006

While we were in Amsterdam recently, bo130 and Microbo showed Sara and I a copy of their long awaited sticker book, IZASTIKUP. We absolutely loved the book which is essentially Bo and Microbo's personal collection of thousands of stickers from all over the world. (The book itself is more then two hundred pages)

Now that summer has started, Bo, Microbo and the Don, with the support of CARHARTT have hit the road for a series of IZASTIKUP exhibitions in six European cities. The exhibition showcases a selection from the original pages of the book. The originals have the real stickers on them so that people can fully appreciate the variety of styles and techniques.

With Paris and Amsterdam now behind them, the pair will be heading to Rome and Berlin next. Here's a schedule of the full Summer tour.

from:21.04.06 till 12.05.06 - PARIS

38 bis Rue du Fbg St Antoine 75012 Paris

from:19.05.06 till 09.06.06 - AMSTERDAM

Hartenstraat 18 , 1016 CB Amsterdam

from:16.06.06 till 07.07.06 - ROME

Via delle Convertite 21, 00187 Roma

from:14.07.06 till 04.08.06 - BERLIN

Rosenthalerstrasse 48, 10178 Berlin

from:11.08.06 till 01.09.06 - LONDON

Earlham Street 15-17, Covent Garden, WC2H 9LL London

from:08.09.06 till 06.10.06 - MADRID

C/ Espoz y Mina, 13, 28013 Madrid



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March 11, 2006


Next week the first ever international streetart exhibition will open in Slovenia. It features a terrific group of artists from around the world including Space Invader from France, Flying Fortress from Germany, M-city from Poland, and The London Police from the Netherlands. The local Coatian artists will include Filjio & Kenova and the Slovene artists Lele, Rone84, Ioke42, Sektion 1.3, Tacek, Zek Advance, Skrana, Ratt One and Ash. Click here for more info.

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March 8, 2006


Continue reading "Event: SPOTHUNTERS on March 10 in NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS"

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December 28, 2005

Many of you may remember that with the old Wooster site we has a separate page for events listings. One of the reasons for this was that we didn't want events listings to "clog up" the main page. So with the new website, we've decided not to create a separate page for events. Rather, events will work as follows:

+ All events will be announced and listed on the main page (this one)
+ All the information about the event will appear after you click on the link for more info
+ Events will be archived and listed by city in the categories section (as a sub-category for "Events")

In addition to all of this, we're working on setting up separate RSS feeds for each city so that you can subscribe to the RSS events feed for the city you live in so that you will automatically receive new events as we put them up on the site.

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December 21, 2005

In January, the French photographer JR will be having a show of his recent photography at one of our favorite London bars, dreambagsjaguarshoes.

Continue reading "JR Hits London 's dreambagsjaguarshoes This January"

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December 14, 2005

Continue reading "New Event:: Los Angeles / December 17 / RESERVE/SWINDLE ISSUE 5 RELEASE PARTY"

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It's going to be a bit of time before we get our events listing back up. But until then, here's an event that we wanted to feature:

On December 16th dr.d and the faith healer are having a joint show of modified record sleeves and vinyl, plus some scale models of modified billboards. The show opens at the Hotel Pelirocco on 16th December. Amongst other people, Jamie Reid has designed a room at the hotel.

The party is on Thursday, at a secret location. Tiger beer, vodka, soft drinks and Thai food will be provided.

If you would like make it to Brighton on the English South Coast on Thursday evening, email your name and postcode to coldplay@drd.org.uk as soon as possible. There are around 40 spare places on the guest list. You will receive an email invitation with location details to the

The new licensing laws require that all names are on the guest list prior to the event, so you will need to be 18 or over.


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