Wooster on Paper #2: Graphite

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Graphite, the second book in our Wooster on Paper imprint. We curated Graphite from 31 artists around the world, asking them to sketch in pencil. The result is a visually enticing book that delicately explodes with emotion.  In addition, we asked poet Amy Leigh Cutler to write poems for each section [On Being Human, Death, Animal].  Like the artists' drawings, her poems are powerful and arresting.

We are launching with a Limited Edition pack consisting of Graphite with a Wooster on Paper #2 Carpenter's pencil, enclosed in a transparent rubber band. We are hoping that the images in Graphite will inspire you to sketch.



Most often, large scale wall murals created on, and for, the street will begin as an idea in an artist's sketchbook. Inside these wonderful diaries, one finds the jagged, crudely drawn lines made from pencil, as well as the evidence of erasing and starting over again - each bringing to light the artist's mind at work.

Because these works are made by the human hand, and not manipulated by a computer, they become quite personal and intimate, gaining more power and resonance upon each and every viewing. Found in the artist's sketchbook is the essence of what we love most about street art: handmade work that exposes a vulnerability that you rarely find in other artistic mediums.

It is with this in mind that we reached out to a group of amazing artists to create this book. We wanted to see the details of the artist's work up close, as they attempted to work through new concepts and ideas.

Each image in this book seems to ask a question.
- What does it mean to be human?
- What does our dark side look like?
- What are we scared of?
- What lies in the back of our minds?
- How much time do we have on earth?
- What is mortality?


Graphite is in an edition of 2000, with 500 Limited Edition packs.

Contributing artists--Click the name to check out their personal website: Alexandros VasmoulakisAlexone, ArmsrockAsbestosBluConor HarringtonDan WitzDavid De La ManoDavide ZuccoElbow ToeErica Il CaneEscifEthosEugene Good, GaiaHeraJeremy FishJim DarlingJoe PimentelJon BurgermanKnow HopeListerOzmoPaul Alexander ThorntonPaul InsectSam3Stephan DoitschinoffThe DarkWord to Mother

Graphite: Wooster on Paper #2
48 Pages
Softcover / 8.5" X 6.5"

Price: $17
Shipping US: $6
Shipping EUR: $19