• March 6, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

“Wooster’s How To..,.” #12 - Blek Le Rat’s How to Survive in the Graffiti World Without Selling You


First of all: Before starting a career as a graffiti artist you have to make sure to have another income than your art to live for over a long period of time and maybe even for the rest of your life…. This is the best way to keep your work free from any parasites or bad influences from people who dont care about you as an artist but only about their own benefits of YOUR work.

Secondly: Do not trust anybody on the first sight. You will be tempted to work with the devil under his glamourously shining conditions. You might be given money, limousines and great PR but once awake you will be naked and without your soul. The most important loss wil be your own artistical authenticity . You believed in the freedom of street art, you were excited to participate in the most important art movement of modern times and you end up like every normal artist making exhibitions showing powerless and boring pictures having lost the genuine values that you fighted for in the streets.

Thirdly: Dilemma or how to find reliable people in the fast moving world of street art. It is as it has always been. Even if you are not Picasso, the relationship that he had with his art dealer “Kahnweiler” can be a good guide line.They worked together for over sixty years trusting each other and everyone got his part of the cake. On one hand Picasso was lucky to deal with someone who believed in his art, which was certainly the reason that Kahnweiler was such a good seller and on the other hand Kahnweiler had the great chance to support and to participate in the carreer of the painter .Of course history is never the same and we should not try to rebirth the same shemes but believe and live out our own history. This is not about history of art but about history of the human beeing in terms of depth, maturity, constancy, sincerity and honesty.

Fourthly: It is therefore impossible to judge someone’s credibility within a short period of time as an artist’s life is full of ups and downs. Although the downs may be the darkest periods of your life they are certainly the richest ones regarding the human value of people who you were flattered by before when you were in the lights.

Fifthly: The ligths of the city quickly go out!!! and how to switch them on? It is in the cold of the darkness when you are alone and looking for someone and the way out back to the lights of success that your conscience is being cleaned because free of the blinding pollution of success. Your pain will turn into a new creativity. And you should never forget the old law of nature that after a down always comes an up…

Blek le rat