• March 2, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

“Wooster’s How To…” #10 - Jace’s “How To Clean Your Caps”

There was a time when caps weren’t sold, back then you had to move your ass to find some skinnies, some fats… and rubbed it in shops: each one was so precious, you had to took care of it. Nowdays, you can find it in bag of 100 ! So for the purists or for the thrifty here is a way to clean your caps ... Jace

1/ never throw your old caps


2/ Collect them all in a box


3/ Steal a peanut distributor in your favorite bar. and decant all your overcast caps in it


4/ Then fill it with trichloroethylene


5/ You could snif some vapors of that shit if you wanna travel for free or wanna die younger


6/ Shake the all stuff, then insert coins (that you, of course, get back at the end of each month)


7/ Alleluia ! Your caps is cleaner than ever


Now, it’s time to get out ...