• November 30, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Wooster on Spring Update


(Blah, Blah, Blah installation by Skewville)

As we get closer to the public opening of Wooster on Spring, we thought we’d give you a few more details about the project.  Because of the nature of the project, we won’t be giving away a lot of the specifics until just before the event. 

So here are some answers to a few of the questions that we’ve been receiving…

1.  Will the building be open to the public to view the artwork inside?

Yes.  The current plan is to open the building for three days in mid—December as an open house with panel discussions, film screenings, djs, and private walk-throughs.  Because of the logistics, we won’t be publishing the exact days and times until just before the event.

2.  Who are some of the artists that are painting inside the building?

Artists involved in the show include WK, Blek Le Rat, Shepard Fairey, JACE, Bo and Microbo, D*Face, Maya Hayuk, Lister, Prune, JR, RIPO, Thundercut, Skewville, Elboe-Toe, Jasmine Zimmerman, You Are Beautiful, Dan Witz, Judith Supine, Above, Rekal, Gore-B, FAILE, The London Police,  Rene Gagnon, Gaetane Michaux, Darkclouds… and many, many other surprise guests.

3.  Will the artwork stay up in the building and outside after the event?

No.  In December and January, the new owners of the building will begin restoration and construction and all of the artwork will be destroyed.  The only chance to see it will be during the three day event in December. 

4.  Are you (Wooster) and the artists working with the new owners of the building on this project?

Yes. A few weeks ago Sara and I met with Caroline Cummings, one of the new owners of 11 Spring. Caroline, who is a major supporter of the arts, wanted to let us know that she and her partners understood the rich history that the building has had, and they wanted to do something that celebrated the role the building has had in the neighborhood and with artists from all over the world.  Sara and I suggested curating an art event in the building before construction began.  Caroline and her partners agreed and the project began.  Projects like this happen from time to time in Europe, but rarely in the United States, and never in the middle of one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan.

4.  Can anyone paint inside the building?

No, unfortunately not. All of the artwork inside the building is being organized and curated by the Wooster Collective.  While we’re adding new artists to the project each day, everyone involved has been part of the Wooster site over the last five years.  Unfortunately, it’s impossible to include all of the artists who we would like, but we’re doing the best that we can.  As we juggle space and access to the building, artists are being invited each day up until the actual event.

More information coming soon….