• December 16, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Wooster on Spring - Saturday, Dec 16th

All of us who have been working on Wooster on Spring event want to thank everyone for making the opening day of the three day exhibition an incredible success. 

For today, Saturday, we’re making some adjustments from things that we learned about yesterday to hopefully get more people inside to see the work. 

Here’s some things to know…

Yesterday, the average wait time to get into the building was anywhere between 45 minutes to more than an hour.  We expect a lot more people to come today, so be prepared to either show up early or expect to wait quite a bit to get in. 

The line to get in yesterday was extremely calm and organized. (Thank you!)  Please make sure not to stand in the streets.  The NYPD have been extremely cooperative and the one request they have made to us is to try to keep people from standing in the streets. 

Please don’t bring any pets with you.  They won’t get in.

Finally, Paul Notzold will be putting up TXTual healing from 6 til 9… EST on the side of the building. Send an SMS/txt message to 646.209.1786…messages will go up on the wall… foreign numbers too, just start the number with 001

That’s it for now.