• November 25, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

THE ESSENTIALS #15 - Psalm’s Guide to Melbourne

Psalm’s Guide to Melbourne

Some of
my fave spots are (in no particular order):

src="http://www.psalm.com.au/saint.jpg" align= "left" width=
"200">“Misty” Bar - located in Hosier Lane, Melbourne City.
Very stylish bar and equally stylish laneway with plenty of stencils, posters
and other general creativity.

The “Blender” studio -
located in Franklin St, Melbourne City. It’s an arts studio space shared by some
of Melbournes finest street artists. always a laugh is to be had there.

/>“Brunswick” in Fitzroy - located just outside the CBD (Fitroy
is a suburb), and as a whole is a pretty interesting place. There’s plenty of
bars, restaurants, clothes shops, book shops, etc. But Brunswick St is the main
strip. Very eclectic mix of people and plenty of street art if you go for a walk
around the back streets.

href="http://www.outforfame.com">Out 4 fame- a free monthly A5
full colour mag that focuses on urban culture.

in Carlton (Carlton is a suburb) - Again just outside the CBD,
has one of the best stencil galleries in town, and it’s the longest running

The latest abandoned warehouse - Every month or
so an abandoned warehouse becomes an unofficial gallery. The word is passed
around and people head down to either have a look or put something up. The
newest one has sprung up near the corner of Nicholson St and Moreland Rd in
Coburg (coburg is a suburb). It used to be an old tram depot

/>“Banyule” trails - too hard to explain how to get to them.
But if you’re into bmx trail riding ask someone and they’re sure to head you in
the right direction. It has some awsome jumps and rhythm sections.

/>Cheers ..... /// PSALM ///

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