• December 28, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Stikman’s Favorites of 2005

Favorite Event of 2005:

Kent Greenbaum’s twice a year release of a new batch of robots


Favorite artist 2005:

Yuriika. Wreckords


Favorite new artist of 2005:

Mark Bercier (I discovered his work last February in New Orleans)


Favorite new piece of art 2005:

Wall/Paint modification on Mercer St near Canal ( can anyone tell me how they did this?)


Favorite new trend:

That most Americans are finally seeing the Bush administration for what is really is.

Favorite new toy:

my Sawzall

Favorite new cd or song:

The Occasion cd

Favorite website:


What do you want most for Christmas:

more time

How will you be spending the holidays this year:

Chilling with friends and family; making and distributing art

What will you be doing New Years Eve:

Laying low, stickering if it is warm enough

What are you looking forward to most in 2006:

The dada show at the National Museum of Art, The Paul Klee exhibit at the Phillips Collection