• July 29, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Seen On The Streets Of San Quintin




From Jetro

“These are some pictures from San Quintin, Baja California Mexico. Its 6 hours to the south from Tijuana. In this territory, there’s an interesting identity phenomenon because of the increasing indigen population that came from Mexico’s southern states (especially Oaxaca) to work for the agriculture industry. All of the young people and the new generations are in a high vulnerability state of identity because they re not keeping their parents traditions and they don’t relate with the non-indigen people. At the same time they feel ashamed because of their origins. These youth are waiting and looking for new symbols and elements to fulfill a new identity path or a new ideal icons to bring out a sense of pride inside their culture. With the spectatives of an interesting hybrid result, I really believe that this is an opportunity to intervene and give positive signs and provocative symbols in public spaces.’