• June 7, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Revisiting Rebecca’s Dilemma

Remember Rebecca’s dilemma? We’ll for the past
few days we’ve been still receiving emails about it. Many are a bit repetitive,
so we haven’t been putting them up. This one that just came in from Andrew stood
out from the crowd…

“I can’t believe it, what have the
streets come to. So if I take a picture of a building corner I better ask the
architect (or group of designers, architects, etc) permission to
display/posterize/sell my photo? Ok, so if I take a picture of a tree, the sky,
etc, I better ask God/god permission to try and make some chedda on it? Graf
writers are so ridiculously hypocritical. How can some one who alters someone
else’s supposed “property” claim any kind of legal disruption to the time space
continuum? One of my favorite quotes, that I can’t remember all that well, that
I think was by A-one ends something like “a graff writer paints on a glass
window, then throws a brick threw it.” Graf writers have been biting all kinds
of stuff since day one. Letters come from the Romans, who got them from the
Greeks, who got them from…. Empires have been built on this stuff folks. Come
on?!?! Was Vaughn Bode initially credited when folks started using his
characters? Doubtful, but it did give him an underground following in the graff
community that his son lives off of today. There were days when kids blew their
wads when they saw theirs or someone they knew tag up in a commercial, music
video, movie, what ever. Now things are showing up in video games. Of course for
a company logo, it’s always better to come up with your own (it just feels so
much better). To somehow blend the image into another larger image, like a
sample of sorts, for the cover would be tight. You’re not going to get rich,
neither are any of the rest of us. It’s about making the best looking middle
finger for the rest to be mesmerized by. Writers, get over yer’selves, media
hype has given you an inflated perception of reality. Keep on bombing, but
expect that it’s going, going, gone once it’s left you. If anything, Sprite’s
lost any inkling of power by obviously jocking the hell out of the street. It
doesn’t make their carbonated sugar water taste better then anything else, or
should I say, their middle finger covered in corporate dung sure does appear to
have a citrus zing to it. Piece. And to all, live to paint and paint to live