• December 22, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Messing With Your Perceptions

Photo nicked from Flickr here

Photo nicked from Flickr here.

On of the things that Sara and really respect about the artists who work on the street and also in the galleries is that as their careers in fine art start to take off, they continue to ground themselves by messing around with the public’s perceptions about the “value” of their art and who they are as artists.

For example, we know a lot of artists will do gallery shows where their work on canvas will sell for tens of thousands of dollars.  But if you go around the corner and happen to have a smoke in the alleyway you can see many of the works in the show all done again for free illegally on the walls of the back of a nearby building.  There are multiple motivations at play here.  The main ones are that by giving away for free what people pay for inside, the artist doesn’t feel like they’ve completely sold out. The second one is that just like a lot of people who love art but aren’t comfortable walking into galleries, the artist him or herself is as well. So to make a small statement about this, they put on the street work that is also inside so that people on the street who don’t want to come into a stuffy gallery can see the show as well. 

So one of the artists who’s very free to put stuff up for free on the streets and also in galleries is the Australian born artist Anthony Lister. Because we love not only his work but think that he’s an incredible guy, Sara and I invited him to participate in Wooster on Spring both outside and inside. 

All of this is to say that if you liked Listers work in 11 Spring, you should definitely check out his fine art that will be shown at Lyons Wier Ortt gallery at 511 West 25th St starting January 4th with a reception at 6pm.  The work below is one of the pieces he will be showing.