• May 19, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Is Prayer The Only Thing Left?





“For a few months, we’ve been hearing terrible news on TV, on the radio… It sounds like the end of the world - we are told about the ice cap melting, about the ozone layer disappearing in the North Pole…
I’m wondering about what I can actually do now!
Pray? No, I’m an atheist - Stop driving? I don’t have a car - Sort garbage? I already do so - Turn my TV and radio off?
I come back to my first idea - is praying the only way out?
This question really haunted me for a whole day… I didn’t want to start praying but the question aroused particular feelings in me - I felt powerless.
I reckoned many people felt the same.
I asked two friends of mine to strike a praying pose - no pastiche, I wanted it simple - and I made a collage with the text “Is praying the only thing left?” both in French and in English.
Since then, things haven’t got better - credit crunch, unemployment, swine influenza - the nightmare seems to be here for good and I’m not very hopeful.”... Alsacherie