• December 21, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Homeland Security Advisory Tower at 11 and Spring - A How To


“We decided to tackle the much needed civic service of telling everyday new yorkers and graffiti tourists that they are currently more at risk than anywhere else in the United States according to the Dept. of Homeland Security. The threat level in NYC has never changed from “HIGH” since the systems inception in 2001. Who knew?” ... GRL

One of the aspects that Sara and I liked the most about curating the Wooster on Spring project and spending time with the artists was how open and giving all of the artists were in sharing their creative process with us and others. 

A good example of this incredibly openness is embodied in the work done by GRL and the Eyebeam OpenLab. GRL and Eyebeam created the amazing Homeland Security Advisory Tower that for three days lit up the corner of 11 and Spring and was one of a few pieces that people could experience from outside the building. All of the work done by GRL is not only documented on the internet, but GRL posts all of their source code and gives away the entire process so that you can not only make one yourself, but expand on what GRL has done to make something even better. Because of this Sara and I have been incredibly impressed by Eyebeam and were thrilled when GRL accepted our invitation to be a part of the show.

Like all of the work GRL does, the Homeland Security Advisory Tower created for Wooster on Spring has been meticulously document on the web and can be seen here

The video below gives you a good idea how the piece was put together…