• January 23, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

Graffiti in Iran - A1one’s Holding It Down


For the last year or so we’ve had an ongoing email dialog with a graffiti artists named A1one who paints on the street of Tehran, Iran.  Pingmag recently posted a terrific interview with A1one and we encourage you to read it here.

Since we’re quite aware that the Wooster site has been banned from time to time in places like China and Iran, we were pleased to receive a translation of Iranian New official Islamic Internet policies and law that A1one sent out today to his mailing list.  Here it is:

In a session , dating 29/5/1385 following the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Education’s14808/1 proposal, dating 29/5/1385 and according to the 138th resolution of Islamic Republic of Iran’s constitution and considering the enactments of (482)till(486) and (488) Senior Cultural revolutionary council’s sessions due to regulating the affairs and informative activities and expanding access service to internet through out the country, along with organizing (registration, back-up and supervision) Iranian websites and considering the principles mentioned below, Board of Ministers enacted a statute book, aiming at organizing Iranian websites (to be discussed in the following part)

Principles to be traced:

A- The free and Moral access to information and knowledge

B- Supporting legal websites

C-Respecting social rights and defending country’s Islamic, national, cultural and social values

D- The Civil , juridical and penal responsibilities of Individuals toward their own activities

Offenses and the way they are handled

Amendment 7- Release or storing any sort of data like articles, audios , photos, pictures,animations, cartoons, figures, caricatures, films,etc containing the following themes and as well as the cases mentioned in D and E articles, appearing in the First Amendment of this statute book are strongly banned on the websites.

A- Paganistic materials or Denial of Islamic principles and values or offending Islam and Islamic Sanctities or insulting the lated Emam or the sureme leader
B- Disgracing the Holy religions,Holy Book(Quran),Prophets, The Holy Innocents and Saints
C- Encouraging and provoking actions against the safety, reputation and frofits of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Government
D- Garbling Lte Emam Khomeini’s or Iranian Islamic Supreme Leader’s words or distorting Islamic Revolution of Iranian Nation and insulting its values
E- Any action against Constitution or arousing hostility and blemishing national unity , unanimity, autonomy , territorial integrity or infusing cynicism(suspicion) and despair into people toward The legitimacy and efficiency of the Government
F- Insulting Ethnic Minorities and other Nations
G- Revealing classified documents and secrets,like Military , safety (policies), political , official and confidential documents
H- Disseminating illegalities and fostering wrong doing , immortality and materials against public honour and morality
I- Insulting true and legal individuals
J- Polishing personal and private information without the individuals’ prior written permission
K- Involving any illegal Economic affairs like laundering, pyramidal trade,etc
L- Advertising or teaching illegal websites
M- Teaching or presenting any kinds of methods to tackle with the illegal websites’ blockage
N- Publishing falsity and slander
O- Logging to any websites promoting and advertising all the afore-mentioned materials
P- Any action against the law or against regulations and rules

Publishing any sort of forbidden data ( Articles D and E Amendment 1 and 7 in this statute book and its Articles) on the websites leads to report given by Ministry of Culture and Islamic Education to a council , comfirming the illegal websites (consisting of Minister of Culture and Islamic Education , Information minister , Infomation and Technology Minister and Judiciary Minister) to block the website

Proceeding the registered illegal website according to the kind of offense and its devastating effects, in any of the following methods:

A- Official warning to the website administrator to remove the forbidden data and compensate the damage and apologize.
The kind and extent of official warning is designated by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Education

B- Sending report to the Council (above-mentioned),asking them to block the illegal website temporarily or permanently

C- The administrators of the registered websites , blocked for violation, can hand their rehearing appeal to the Minister of Culture and Islamic Education.