• March 16, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

“Going Big” - “A Wooster How To…” is Needed

So each week we always receive one or two email asking us how artists make their work so fucking big.  As we head into another round of “Wooster’s How To…” we thought we’d reach out to all of you to see if you could anser Dan’s question below.  Please email you answers to woostercollective@gmail.com

Here’s what Dan wrote in….

“hey my names dan
i live in australia

umm i am interested in like wheat pasting
(even though i hav neva done it be4)
but i was just wondering

how the fu*k do u make the stencil so big ? ?

like how do u print it out soo big ? ? ?

i want to paste up a pik on a billboard like 10 metres froma train station
and i need 2 do it quick andget out of there fast

but i wanta big stencil

and i hav no idea how 2 make it soo big

please help

What should dan do?  Email us at woostercollective@gmail.com