• November 25, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Give ‘Em Props—Jules Olitski’s ‘Instant Loveland’ by

“Give ‘Em Props! is Back!”
From time to time we ask a group of artists to choose one painting,
sticker, stencil, sculpture, or piece of architecture that truly inspires them
in their daily work.  What about it brought them in? Was it the color, the
lines, the crazy figure, the movement, the composition…?

Give ‘Em Props is from O.two:


/>“It’s tricky, but the painting I’m into at the moment is by Jules Olitski
called ‘Instant Loveland’ painted in 1968. He uses sprayed acrylic paint on dyed
canvas, using colour as a medium. The colour is the brushstroke, he lets the
colour create the form and depth.

It’s a big canvas; 294.6 x 645.7cm,
and currently hanging in the Tate Modern. Looking at the painting feels like
weightlessness. Olitski paints canvases that feel like ambient colour. Like
you’re standing in a fog of raw paint particles, they’re really amazing.The
spray-painted clouds of colour seem to hang in front of, or sometimes even
behind the canvas that they’re actually painted on.

He once wrote
that he thought of ‘colour as being seen in and throughout, not solely on, the
surface’ and that he would prefer nothing but some colours sprayed into the air
and staying there.

Anti-gravity paint. It would be amazing to be able
to paint pieces suspended in mid-air. Or put up a background for your piece,
that would disappear into it’s own depth…


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