• June 17, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Escarcho in Lima Peru




“Lima, Peru is a beast of a city. A seemingly endless grey expanse teeming with life. Anywhere you go in Lima you will come across phone numbers scrawled on the walls, sidewalks, bridges and highways. These numbers are painted throughout the city by escarchadores (pebble dashers) and serve as a crude and subversive form of advertising. Intrigued by these mysterious characters, who get up so much they would put any tagger to shame, I decided to do a street art project about them. So with the help of my partner in crime Chanchito I tracked down the people behind the numbers and we managed to convince some of them to be photographed next to their numbers. We then created life size wheat-pastes of them which we posted up in the original locations where they were photographed.”... Makisapa