• September 26, 2008
  • Posted by Marc

Eltono And MOMO Launch PLAF in New York

PLAF - Hallet’s Cove from MOMO on Vimeo.

PLAF - An explanation (nicked from the PLAF blog here)

PLAF – Autonomous Mechanisms. Plaf is a word for splash in both Spanish and French and relates to the on-going project that features kinetic sculptures that have been placed and fastened in several locations in the New York Waterways. Constructed from used materials, the work will be left to the elements as a way to explore the force and power of water that goes unused and unnoticed in New York City. Using the rivers water, wind, tides, and currents, the sculptures will shift and decay, leaving the work just as it is without comment on form or representation. September1st Anonymous Gallery will be providing an information booth and map created by the artists. The public can then go search and find the ongoing outdoor artwork and share in the environment in which it is presented. This information will be available during business hours and online at www.anonymousgallery.com.

Throughout the month of September, Eltono and MOMO will also be constructing an indoor exhibition that reflects the work and progress outdoors. While their project is primarily ephemeral, the indoor exhibition will serve to document and preserve their research, ideas, model making and related art. Every three to five days Eltono and MOMO will install new work that includes silkscreen prints, video, collage, painting, and sculpture. The on-going exhibition, along with the map and information will be available to the public from September 1st until October 10th and will be celebrated with a public exhibition opening on September 25th from 6-9pm.