• December 23, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Calma’s Best of 2005

Favorite Event of 2005:

My trip to Pittsburgh and NYC, and of course the shows Static Free and Keep a Breast


Favorite Artist of 2005:

Maya Hayuk

Favorite New Artist of 2005 (an artist who you did not know of last year):

Cameron Clayton

Favorite Piece of Art of 2005:

The funiest to do was this colaboration with Tristan Eaton ( Brooklyn, NY )


Favorite Toy of 2005:

Faile’s Bunny Boy Statue

Favorite CD or Song of 2005:

Favorite Gig? Get to see Bread and Roses at Arrow Gallery ( Thanks Laurie )


Favorite Website of 2005:

Wooster Collective again

What do you most want for Christmas?

To have more time to spend with my girlfriend and friends.

How will you be spending the Holiday’s this year?

Ill join my family for cristmas in São Paulos cowntryside, in the city of Bananal. ( picture )

What will you be doing for New Years Eve?

Drinking probably

What are you most looking forward to in 2006?

Travel / paint / breath / love